Analyzing the Performance of Polygon [MATIC] in the Face of Rising Layer 2 Solutions

Polygon [MATIC] and Emerging Layer 2 Solutions

Polygon [MATIC] has been dominating the L2 space in terms of activity over the last few months. However, this dominance could soon be threatened by other L2 solutions.

Upcoming L2 solutions such as zkSync Era and StarkNet have been catching up to Polygon in terms of daily activity. Both these solutions were rumored to launch token airdrops soon.

The hype around airdrops may be enough to propel activity on both these networks to new heights. After the tokens for these respective networks get launched, the activity on the networks may surpass that of Polygon, leaving Polygon in the dust.

Will Polygon be able to retain its position?

In terms of the DeFi sector, it could be safe to say that the protocol may still continue to show growth. The TVL on Polygon’s zkEVM protocol continued to rise over the last few months.

The protocol is also on its way to make new developments on its network.

Polygon’s founder, Sandeep Nailwal, has stated that the zkEVM ecosystem is preparing for significant growth with the deployment of critical infrastructure such as Safe and Chainlink oracles, as well as user experience improvements based on early developer feedback and cost optimizations through data compression.

To combat the attention garnered by other protocols pertaining to an airdrop, Sandeep mentioned how the network could possibly have an airdrop of its already existing token MATIC for its users.

The growth in the NFT sector will also help the protocol with the competition. Reddit’s recent collaboration with Polygon resulted in 8.7 million users being onboarded to the Web3 space.

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