Aragon Develops a “Governance Hub” for Polygon’s DAO Ecosystem


Reported by The Block, Aragon Project, a popular developer of decentralized autonomous organizations, has announced it has built a “governance hub” for the Polygon community.

Details of the Governance Hub

The hub is designed to empower users and builders to influence the core development of Polygon’s technology. According to the announcement posted on Polygon’s X account on Friday, it aims to incorporate community feedback throughout its processes, ensuring a decentralized platform infused with community values.

Features of the Governance Solution

  • Aragon Project has developed an end-to-end governance solution.
  • This includes protocol governance contracts and a community-driven Governance Hub.

Implementation and Community Involvement

Mateusz Rzeszowski, head of governance at Polygon Labs, highlighted that the hub will implement ideas discussed by the Polygon community in the previous year. He mentioned, “An efficient, secure, and decentralized voting model is proposed to address the needs of system smart contract upgradeability, with the Polygon community soon being able to tangibly steer protocol development via the Governance Hub.”

Visual Overview and Discussion Spaces

Polygon also shared a visual overview of the framework, detailing the process from proposal submission to community voting and implementation. Additionally, Aragon and Polygon announced dedicated X spaces to further discuss the development.

Statement from Aragon X CEO

Anthony Leutenegger, CEO of Aragon X, expressed enthusiasm about bringing Polygon’s governance pillars to life with their next-generation modular DAO framework, Aragon OSx. He stated, “From the protocol governance contracts, to a seamless and transparent Governance Hub, this project is a big step towards more inclusive and decentralized governance for Polygon.”