Sandman Finance is introducing a new layer and its called the Sandman Finance Desire Layer

After a great Layer 4, It’s our great pleasure to present to you Sandman Finance Layer 5: Desire.
It’s time to see how we’ll continue on this 7 layer path.

Let’s dive in the dream!

Launch Type: Presale with Blacklisting feature

The best way to add project liquidity, and avoid Bots. The fairest of all launch strategies.

For extra info, please check here: Presale InfoEdit

Limited Token Supply

DESIRE token has a fixed max supply of 500,000.

Anti-bots Feature

We are implementing bot detection techniques to safeguard real investors in our community.

For extra info, please check :
Anti-Bot SystemBlacklisting feature to protect the


We took farms and went one step further to help the community achieve higher profits where they perform auto-compounding without the need for investor interaction.

The most advanced vaults in the Defi space

For extra info, please check here:

VaultsTrading fees are given to liquidity providers in proportion to their percentage stake in the LP. Trading fee rates vary…


For those who want the classic way to farm their coins, you can do it in this project.

NFT Sales — Destruction NFT Card

We’ll host a NFT Generation #3 Sale on this layer. More info please check here:
Endless NFT’s CardsEdit

NFT Merge

In this layer we’ll have NFT Merge feature!

If you have several cards of the same generation, you’ll be able to merge into a powerful one.

For extra info, please check here:

Desire Kingdoms (Dividend Pools)

We’ll have several Desire Kingdoms (Dividend Pools), where you’ll stake Desire and earn other token (Rewards).

For extra info, please check here:Desire KingdomEdit descriptiondocs.desire.sandman.financ

Partnership Program

We believe that the DeFi space is all about collaboration.

So we have set up a partnership program for projects, in which we join forces to achieve great results.

We do this through 4 types of joint actions:

Rewards Kingdoms (Dividend Pools)

Cross Farming


Cross Marketing

For extra info, please check here:
Partnership ProgramBecause DeFi is all about

and More Features are coming!

Source : Sandmanfinance.medium

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