Fox Corporation Bolsters Verify Protocol Through Polygon CDK and TIME Collaboration

Fox Corporation Partners with TIME on Verify Protocol

Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, Fox Entertainment, and Fox Sports, has announced a strategic partnership with TIME, a prominent media brand, to collaborate on the Verify Protocol hosted on Polygon.

Overview of Verify Protocol and Partnership Details

The Verify Protocol, launched in partnership with Polygon Labs, operates on Polygon’s proof-of-stake network since January. It aims to verify and license content using blockchain technology. This cryptographic signing of media content ensures authenticity and enables consumers to autonomously verify its origin.

  • Started as an open-source project
  • Utilizes smart contracts for content licensing
  • Engages with AI platforms for intellectual property use cases

TIME’s Perspective on the Collaboration

Mark Howard, TIME’s Chief Operating Officer, expressed enthusiasm about integrating Verify into their platform. He emphasized the importance of reliable information and its role in supporting fact-based journalism.

Future Plans: Autonomous ZK Blockchain on Ethereum

Fox Corporation plans to transition Verify into an autonomous zero-knowledge blockchain operating on Ethereum, leveraging Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). This initiative with Gelato, a rollup-as-a-service platform, aims to enhance content verification capabilities.

  • Enhanced transparency and authenticity
  • Supports faster interactions and affordable processes

Content Graph and Potential Impact

Fox Corporation holds a vast library of over 300,000 content pieces from Fox Business, Fox News, and Fox Sports. The integration with Verify includes content such as images and articles from Fox TV stations, aiming to bolster its content graph capabilities.