MATlC Price Analysis: Can It Reach $0.30 Amidst Declines, While NEAR and Rollblock Show Profitable Trends?

Why Is Rollblock A Good Crypto To Buy Now?

Rollblock (RBLK) has made significant strides in the online gambling market by introducing a fully licensed cryptocurrency casino that leverages blockchain technology to its fullest potential.

  • Privacy: Rollblock eliminates intrusive KYC requirements, allowing users to register with just an email address, ensuring total privacy.
  • Security: All transactions and bets are stored on an immutable blockchain, mitigating concerns about unfairness or data breaches.
  • Revenue Sharing: Rollblock buys RBLK tokens on the open market with up to 30% of its weekly revenue, where 50% of tokens are burned and the rest are rewarded to stakers, offering passive income opportunities.
  • Financial Growth: Having raised over $770,000, Rollblock aims to surpass $1 million by June 2024, with plans to introduce sports betting soon, which could significantly boost revenue and benefit RBLK token holders.
  • Investment Potential: In Stage 3 of its presale, RBLK tokens are priced at $0.014, presenting a 40% ROI for early investors, with analysts forecasting a further 50% increase in the near term.

Polygon Price Prediction

A recent prediction suggests that by July 19, 2024, Polygon’s price could rise by 17.09% to $0.66. However, current technical indicators reflect a bearish sentiment, with 43% green days over the past 30 days and 7.32% price volatility. Analysts project a potential low of $0.572 for Polygon in 2025, with an optimistic outlook for a rise to $4.36, potentially increasing by 662.37% from its current value.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction

NEAR Protocol is anticipated to reach $16.39 by July 19, 2024, marking a 226.96% increase. Despite 37% green days and 12.99% price volatility in the last month, the sentiment remains bearish. Looking ahead, NEAR Protocol’s 2025 predictions range from a low of $5.01 to a high of $23.60, potentially increasing by 378.78%.


In a volatile crypto market where Polygon and NEAR Protocol struggle to regain bullish momentum, Rollblock stands out as a promising investment. By addressing critical issues in the online gambling sector through blockchain technology, Rollblock offers investors substantial opportunities for growth and passive income. Its innovative revenue-sharing model and upcoming expansions make Rollblock one of the top cryptocurrencies to consider for your portfolio.