Polygon Game Enthusiasts Receive Complimentary NFTs from Amazon Prime

Prime Subscribers Get Free Polygon NFTs for Mojo Melee

Amazon Prime subscribers can now take advantage of an exciting offer to receive a complimentary Polygon NFT and in-game currency for the popular NFT game, Mojo Melee. The game is built on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon, and has teamed up with retail giant Amazon to provide these exclusive freebies.

How to Claim the Free NFT Package

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can head over to the Amazon Prime Gaming portal and create a new player account for Mojo Melee. Once done, you will be eligible for a free package that includes an NFT for the champion character Gwyn Rockhopper, along with 885 units of Ore, a non-crypto in-game currency.

Special Offer for Amazon Prime Subscribers

Mystic Moose, the developer of Mojo Melee, revealed that the Gwyn Rockhopper character is offered as an NFT right from the beginning. Normally, players are required to reach a specific character level to mint champions as NFTs within the game’s progression system. However, this offer is part of the special collaboration between Mojo Melee and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Partnership Benefits

The Amazon Prime deal will span six months and includes monthly drops of free in-game NFTs and additional content. This ongoing promotion gives Prime subscribers a unique opportunity to explore the game and potentially gain an advantage over non-subscribers.

Mojo Melee: A Casual Spin on Auto Battler Genre

Mojo Melee, accessible through web browsers and an Android app, offers a casual twist on the auto battler genre, incorporating elements of chess and real-time strategy games. Inspired by popular non-blockchain titles like Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics, Mojo Melee provides a streamlined and simplified introduction to the genre.

Season One Launch and Positive Impressions

GG recently had hands-on experience with Mojo Melee during its open beta version and came away highly impressed with its streamlined approach. The official launch of the game came with the exciting “Season One” content package.

Previous NFT Promotions by Amazon Prime Gaming

This isn’t the first instance of Amazon Prime Gaming partnering with a game to offer free NFTs for its subscribers. Mythical Games provided NFT promotions for its play-and-create PC and Mac game, Blankos Block Party, via Prime Gaming. These promotions included free avatars and accessories which are still available today.

Amazon’s Potential Broader NFT Marketplace

There have been reports suggesting that Amazon is exploring the possibility of launching its own NFT marketplace. As of this writing, however, these plans are yet to materialize.

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