Polygon Network Receives Indian Government Certification, Expanding Real-World Applications

Indian Government Certifies on Polygon Network

As Polygon (MATIC) approaches the release of Polygon zkEVM and the potential rebranding of the main token as POL, the team is adding more and more real-world use cases to its portfolio of blockchain technology applications. According to an announcement on Polygon Labs’ official Twitter page, the Indian government has chosen the Polygon network to issue caste certificates to its citizens.

Government of Maharashtra Utilizes Polygon Blockchain

The government of Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India, is currently utilizing the Polygon blockchain network to provide verifiable caste certificates to its citizens. Zupple’s LegitDoc Web3 solution serves as the backbone of the project’s technical design.

Transparent Verification in Karnataka State

Employers in the Karnataka state have already started using such certificates to transparently and modernly verify people’s identities.

Caste Certificates in Modern India

In modern India, caste certificates are official documents that validate an individual’s caste or community. They are given to individuals belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), or other Backward Classes (OBC) by government authorities.

Polygon’s Impact on Education and Health

Additionally, both states are using Polygon network solutions to verify the education and health conditions of their citizens. Polygon provides a secure and transparent technical platform for handling sensitive information. Polygon is also recognized as one of TIME magazine’s top 100 technology companies.

Polygon’s Government Partnerships

This is not the first example of governments and social services utilizing the popular blockchain network Polygon. For instance, in Mongolia, the Polygon network stores digital diplomas of the Mongolian National University. The diplomas are given as unique tokens called soul-bouns tokens (SBTs), making them immutable, unchangeable, and uncensorable.

Furthermore, Polygon is partnering with Lugano Plan B, the world’s first blockchain-based city. In collaboration with Tether, a USDT distribution company, Polygon is establishing a holistic system for the lives of individuals in a cryptocurrency-based city.

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