Polygon Surpasses Bitcoin and Solana in Daily NFT Sales Volume – CryptoSlam Reports

Polygon NFT Sales Jump 28% Today

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling blockchain network, has seen a significant positive surge today, marked by an increase in trading sales volume. NFTs hosted on the Polygon network have exploded in trading sales volume, pushing Polygon to become the second most-traded blockchain in the NFT ecosystem.

Data compiled by CryptoSlam.io, an on-chain crypto market data aggregator and a multi-chain non-fungible token explorer, shows that Polygon-based non-fungible token collections have surged in trading sales volume today. In the past 24 hours, Polygon-based NFT collections have amassed a trading sales volume of $3.06 million, representing a 28.29% surge from the past day.

The recent surge in Polygon-based non-fungible token sales volume has enabled it to dethrone the dominant NFT blockchain networks, Solana and Bitcoin. Solana, an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts including non-fungible tokens and a variety of decentralized applications, saw a trading sales volume of $2.8 million. Bitcoin, known for its Ordinal and Runes NFT collections, recorded a trading sales volume of $2.5 million.

During this period, Solana NFT sales have surged 33%, while Bitcoin NFT sales have plunged 56% from the past day.

What Has Fueled Polygon NFT Growth Today?

Several NFT collections have contributed to the surge in Polygon’s NFT trading volume:

  • Matr1x Fire Weapon: This collection from MATR1X FIRE, a mobile metaverse shooting game, has amassed a trading sales volume of $540,230, up 677% from the past day.
  • OKX NFT Creation: Another significant contributor, this collection from the OKX NFT market platform, recorded a trading sales volume of $478,373, up 14% from the past day.
  • Hzuki: In the past 24 hours, Hzuki has amassed a trading sales volume of $408,800.
  • TTAvatars: This collection has recorded a trading sales volume of $299,161.

The four listed NFT collections, among other NFT collections, are responsible for today’s growth in Polygon NFT sales volume.