Prediction Game | BNSD Utility on Bitbns

Bitbns is now more fun with its new and exciting BNSD utility for its users to have a better chance of earning tokens. It’s called the “prediction game”.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. The change in the price of an asset is sometimes steady and goes to extremes too! The art of making more profits lies in following the token trend precisely and to predict and trade thereafter.

Prediction Game is a utility that makes the entire process of evaluating and guessing more interesting.

Let’s now quickly understand what it is all about and how to win tokens!

BNSD Prediction Game Utility is specially designed to predict the price of cryptocurrencies to win BNSD and BNS Tokens on Bitbns.

The first DeFi On-Chain utility where everyone wins! Exclusively running on Polygon Blockchain and a participation costs as low as 1 BNS/4 BNSD.

The closer you get to the actual price, the more tokens you win.

Each contest has limited tickets to ensure everyone participating gets rewarded. Toppers get up to 4000x returns. A user can buy multiple tickets.

In case of a tie, the person predicting first gets a better rank and hence wins more.

Also, all transactions are recorded on Polygon Blockchain to keep better transparency amongst all the users.

Guaranteed rewards to all winners

Transactions are recorded on-chain

Winning price is actually the index of Bitbns, Binance, FTX, Huobi, Okex, and Gate at that moment to avoid any kind of manipulation

One participant can buy multiple tickets to predict more and increase chances of winning

Start predicting from

The utility is designed with an aim to expand the earning means with an easy and fun-based interface.

Onwards & Upwards,

Team BNSD Finance

Source : Polygon Medium

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