Sushiswap, Slingshot and Polygon Team Up to Bring DeFi Summer-Inspired Mural!

SushiswapSlingshot, and Polygon teamed up to create a 16 feet by 20 feet mural near the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood at 250 NW 25th Street. Sushiswap, a community run AMM, Slingshot, a DEX aggregator and Polygon, a multi-chain full stack scaling solution are three companies that have all collaborated in the past and the three companies have now seized on the chance to make a creative impact in Miami by collaborating with local artists to bring the DeFi Summer vision to life.

The mural will stay up for one month and will serve as a backdrop to the BTC Miami conference. Traditionally a conference for the Bitcoin OG and elite praising the security and decentralization of Bitcoin technology, the conference marks one of the first in-person events after Co-vid when the crypto community, including DeFi degens and crypto natives, come together to celebrate the new innovations in the industry.

Sushiswap and Polygon have already worked with BadgerDAO, a project that allows users to earn interest on their Bitcoin through a DeFi protocol and a Bitcoin bridge. The fact that DeFi projects do not have to serve as the antithesis of die-hard Bitcoin skeptics goes to show the advancements in the space and may seek to bring more alignment in interests between Bitcoin maximalists and the DeFi new guard.

“We are excited to have a presence at Bitcoin Miami and we’ve always thought in unconventional, out of the box ways. The fact that we can collaborate on a mural celebrating DeFi summer with local artists allows us to hopefully bring color, life and inspiration to the surrounding community. We are allowing Bitcoin holders to earn interest on their Bitcoin with BadgerDAO’s new interest bearing BTC on Sushiswap, bringing additional utility to the space,” said Sandeep Naliwal COO of Polygon (formerly known as Matic)

Source : blog.polygon

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