Tanks! For Playing is bringing Social Crypto Gaming to Polygon

“Tanks! For Playing” is a Turn-Based Multiplayer Online Blockchain Game that entails cooperation, coordination, planning, strategy, and ultimately betrayal.

‘Tanks! For Playing’ has successfully deployed to the Mumbai Testnet, and will enjoy its full launch on Polygon in January 2022, bringing social crypto gaming to the Polygon ecosystem. ‘Tanks! For Playing’ is a turn-based multiplayer game involving cooperation, coordination, planning, strategy and betrayal which can be played entirely on the blockchain.

Polygon has been at the forefront of blockchain gaming, with gaming and NFT ventures such as OpenSea, The Sandbox, Decentraland and Atari all building on Polygon. As ‘Tanks! For Playing’ is fully on-chain, each game move is a blockchain transaction. Integrating with Polygon enables a seamless gaming experience for Tanks players, enjoying 2 second block times with near instant finality coupled with very low gas fees. Polygon is a perfect fit, allowing use of their existing technology stack paired with the ability to successfully scale the project. For these reasons, Polygon has been chosen as the first network to fully launch ‘Tanks! For Playing’ on in January 2022.


Blockchain Gaming Industry

The traditional gaming business is currently worth in the region of $160 billion in annual revenue, with 2.7 billion players globally. Blockchain gaming is poised to expand in the next few years. The onboarding of millions of new users into the crypto world could be aided by blockchain games. For gamers and game makers, blockchain presents a great chance for a revolution in access, ownership, inclusivity, and economic gain. Blockchain adoption will spur innovation, foster a stronger sense of community, and result in a tangible culture shift in gaming, putting more power in the hands of the player. This frontier is truly ready for change, and it benefits everyone.

About Tanks! For Playing 

‘Tanks! For Playing’ is leading the way in the emerging sector of Social Crypto Gaming, thanks to a non-anonymous, experienced team situated in Perth, Western Australia. Through an attractive and instructional platform, Tanks! For Playing seeks to give non-crypto users their first taste of blockchain and reduce barriers to entry into crypto. The trust of smart contracts on the blockchain mediates the strength of social collaboration and manipulation driven by high-stakes rewards: meeting in perfect unity in ‘Tanks! For Playing’.

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High-reward tournaments played fully on-chain set this game apart in the crypto gaming space. Players pay to play, funding the prize pool. All is won by the last tank standing – and winning is lucrative. The pot expands as players spend tokens to better their odds, and the stakes rise, making for an exciting and engaging experience. The goal is to destroy all of the other tanks, however, this is an impossible task without enlisting the help of other players to take out common foes. Communication, tactical planning, and strategic maneuvering to form and break alliances are key to coming out on top.

Game Features

Tanks! can be played wholly on-chain (web3) or on a managed server off-chain (web2). Games might last anywhere from a few hours (six hours) to several days or weeks. Multiplayer games have the potential to attract up to 1000 players, resulting in a lucrative cash prize for the winner.

Mega tournaments will be held every year or every three months, depending on demand. These will be open to the public for a price, and in-game purchases will be available. Mega tournaments will be contested in a knockout basis, with the final held on Polygon. Winnings from mega tournaments might include a valued NFT, 1 wBTC, a Lamborghini (or the USDC equivalent!), and more.



TANKS tokens used to power the game. TANKS tokens are indivisible, and a part of revenue is burned to keep the token deflationary.

On the Ethereum network, the native game token TANKS will be an ERC-20 token/smart contract. Without the power to mint any more TANKS, 1 billion (1 000 000 000) will be created. The number of TANKS transported across chains will be proportional to the amount of money raised during the initial token sale.

ICO details

The ICO Token Sale is now ongoing and will end on October 31, 2021. There is still time to participate, and if you buy in before the soft cap, you will receive a 10% additional TANKS token!

Here’s how you may participate in their Initial Coin Offering with them:

Simply deposit ETH, CRBN, USDC, BNB, or MATIC utilizing the Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon networks via the website (https://tanksforplaying.io).

A referrals program is also available. By recommending others and spreading the word about the Tanks token sale, you can earn free bonus TANKS! Connect your wallet to their website to generate your unique referral link, and you’ll get a percentage of TANKS sold through your connection.


Initial Token Sale, initial marketing, and production of in-game materials and art from September to October 2021.

From November to December 2021, tokens will be distributed, DeX pools will be formed, the development will begin, and beta testing will begin.

Full Launching of Tanks! For Playing on Polygon, First Tournament, and Marketing Push to happen in January 2022. 

The inaugural competition will take place in February 2022, when Binance and Ethereum will be launched.

Extended game features, larger tournaments, deployment to additional networks, and investigation into custodial wallets are all planned for March-April 2022.

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