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SafeSwap is pleased to announce a series of positive updates, which have been shared in the SafeSwap News & Updates group. The DeFi CMS is nearing completion and is almost ready for a full launch. Several examples are currently in development, including: While there are still some issues in the core, the great news[Read more…]

Here’s where MATIC’s short sellers can look to book their profits

Polygon [MATIC] noted strong gains on the price charts in mid-February, a development which highlighted that sentiment was positive towards the asset at that time. Since then, however, the market has turned and those gains have been fully wiped out. The active addresses metric has fallen since late January too while daily gas fees have declined over the past two[Read more…]

Polygon Reddit NFTs are popular, but is MATIC really gaining from it

The launch of Reddit Avatar Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Polygon, with their subsequent record sales, somewhat settled the question of whether or not NFTs are dead. As a bonus, it proved the importance of networks in the crypto-world. In fact, Reddit NFTs recently crossed a very significant market cap threshold, one which affected Polygon NFT sales too.  Reddit[Read more…]

Crypto Prices Today: Market Trades In Green; XRP, Polygon, Dogecoin Gain Over 2%

Crypto prices today have increased for Bitcoin and Altcoins including Ethereum, XRP, Solana, and Polygon. Meme cryptos are seeing a jump, too. Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin and other Altcoins are seeing a jump yet again today. As of writing, Bitcoin price increased by 0.49% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum price increased by 1.01%. Cardano price dips by 0.17%. Crypto prices today[Read more…]

Amazon NFT Rumors Continue, NFT Marketplace Expected Next Month

The world first caught wind of e-commerce giant Amazon’s first inklings of NFT exploration less than three months ago. But it looks like the next three months could very well be action-packed, as rumors continue to swirl around the new expected Amazon NFT marketplace. Will it be the biggest consumer brand to enter the space[Read more…]

MATIC Price Prediction: Polygon Bears Aim $1 or Lower

MATIC price declined heavily below the $1.25 support. Polygon bears remain in action, and they might aim a move towards the $1.00 support zone. Polygon’s MATIC Price Dives 20% In the past few days, polygon’s price saw a strong decline from well above the $1.30 zone. MATIC gained pace below the $1.25 and $1.22 support[Read more…]

US Macro Events In March: Their Impact On Crypto Prices, Stocks

Crypto News: The market could be affected as a series of US macro events, including the jobs data, are lined up over the next two weeks. Crypto News: The crypto market took a heavy beating last week with the FUD over the Silvergate Bank operations. The massive jolt stems from the fact that Silvergate has been over[Read more…]

Why This Analyst Believes Bitcoin Will Blow People’s Minds In 2025

With the bear market deepening and causing ups and downs in the Bitcoin market every now and then, the piecing together of significant adoption news to come up with a conclusion that maybe the bear season was a distraction after all is something that is often overlooked.  On March 4, prominent crypto Youtuber and influencer[Read more…]

Breaking: Powell Hearing To Include Crypto, US Senator Confirms

US Senator Bill Hagerty said he will discuss crypto with the Fed Chair during the hearing on the Semiannual Monetary Policy Report. Powell Hearing Today: US Senator Bill Hagerty said he will discuss cryptocurrencies along with the Fed’s interest rate plans at the hearing on The Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome[Read more…]

Polygon Whales Make Big Moves As $MATIC Price Set To Drop More?

There was some FUD after Polygon Labs recently announced it was reducing staff count by 20%, amid crypto market’s regulatory worries. Polygon MATIC News: The crypto ecosystem recently realized the market blues are not away yet with the news of Polygon Labs layoff. The crypto market has been on a slow recovery mode since January 2023, in[Read more…]