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Binance clarifies initial $1 billion recovery fund deposit came from own assets

Crypto exchange Binance clarified that an initial $1 billion deposit to its crypto industry recovery fund came from its own assets after details of the transferring wallet raised questions among some commentators on Twitter.  On-chain transactions show the funds came from one of Binance’s cold wallets for BUSD, the exchange’s dollar-pegged stablecoin. This wallet was recently listed in Binance’s proof of[Read more…]

7 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In December 2022 – Here’s Trending List

Cryptocurrencies To Invest In December 2022, wide variety of choices in the market makes a person indecisive, and making the wrong decision can be very risky.  Cryptocurrencies To Invest In December 2022: Before investing in Crypto one needs to know the right coin to invest in, as this can reap big rewards.  Entering the crypto space[Read more…]

Breaking: Binance CEO “CZ” Adds Another $1B In BUSD To Industry Recovery Initiative

Binance CEO “CZ” allocates another $1 billion in BUSD to the Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI), increasing the fund balance to $2 billion. Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao on Friday said the crypto exchange Binance has allocated another $1 billion in BUSD to the Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI). The move comes after several people in the crypto community[Read more…]

Justin Sun, Tron DAO line up to contribute to Binance recovery fund: Exclusive

Blockchain operator Tron DAO and Justin Sun, its billionaire founder, have applied to contribute capital to Binance’s industry recovery fund. Binance published details of the fund yesterday after CEO Changpeng Zhao had earlier signaled a plan to launch it. Binance poured an initial $1 billion into the vehicle. Meanwhile, Jump Crypto, Polygon Ventures, Aptos Labs, Animoca Brands,[Read more…]

Can Polygon Skyrocket in 2023?

In 2022, Polygon (MATIC) was one of the networks in the cryptocurrency market that partnered most with important companies, such as Starbucks, Disney and Nubank, for example. These facts contributed to the altcoin ecosystem growing, even in a bear market, and more factors can make the cryptocurrency among the highlights of 2023. Polygon arrived in[Read more…]

Polygon Bearish Signal: Whale Moves $7.8M in MATIC To Binance

Data shows a Polygon whale has just moved around $7.8 million in MATIC to the crypto exchange Binance, something that may be bearish for the crypto’s price. Polygon Whale Has Just Transferred 9 Million MATIC On The Chain As per data from the crypto transaction tracker service Whale Alert, a massive MATIC transfer has been spotted[Read more…]

Just-In: Binance Launches $1Bn Industry Recovery Initiative

Binance has announced the “Industry Recovery Initiative” in order to provide financial support to promising companies who are in need. Binance has announced the formation of what it refers to as an “industry recovery initiative” in the wake of the failure of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and its sister company, Alameda Research. The fund’s primary objective is[Read more…]

Jump Crypto, Polygon Ventures, GSR contribute to Binance’s $1 billion recovery fund

Binance’s industry recovery fund, to which it’s already contributed $1 billion, has attracted some big names early on including Jump Crypto, Polygon Ventures and market maker GSR.  Aptos Labs, Animoca Brands and Kronos are also among some of the other early contributors, CEO Changpeng Zhao said. These firms joined the recovery fund with an initial aggregate commitment[Read more…]

Polygon’s ‘Secret Sauce’: Why Starbucks, Meta, and Reddit Chose the Ethereum Scaler

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios, discusses the recent wave of major Web2 brands building on the platform. Amid a brutal crypto downturn that has only gotten worse with FTX’s collapse, one blockchain platform has repeatedly shown that it can still onboard massive brands with a collective reach of billions into the Web3 world: Polygon, the Ethereum scaling network. Recent highlights include Meta[Read more…]

Polygon zkEVM Arrives at ETH India

Next month, Polygon zkEVM will be center stage at ETH India and Polygon Connect, our dev-driven sessions preceding the conference. Polygon co-founder David Schwartz will lead several discussions on Polygon zkEVM, including “zkEVM & Polygon ID: A Major Milestone in Ethereum,” on the main stage, and “zkEVM: The New Ethereum Dev Frontier,” on the side […] The post Polygon zkEVM Arrives at ETH India appeared first on Polygon | Blog.