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Voice AMA with Ecosmart recap

Voice AMA with Ecosmart AMA with Ecosmart EcoSmart is leading all into a smart era of decentralization. In order to ECS becomes more consumed, EcoSmart intends to create cloud development service, including building and deploying application through blockchain; Smart contract development; Opening of new crypto gaming market; Setting up a financial ecosystem [DeFi].Guest: Mr. Ben –[Read more…]

ChainPlay AMA recap hosts an AMA with ChainPlay. #ChainPlay #PolygonDaily #Polygon #AMA. Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you all of you Polygon advocates for joining PolygonDaily’s AMA with ChainPlay!! I’m your host Daley and together with ChainPlay, Mr. Fred Do  is going to walk us through what ChainPlay is all about! Good day to you Fred, how’s everything? Fred[Read more…]

Baldr Network AMA Recap hosts AMA with Baldr Network. #BaldrNetwork #Polygon #PolygonDaily #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting AMA with PolygonDaily! I’m Daley – your host for today and I have here with me Mr. RiggerBun – Lead Developer from the Baldr Network protocol! It seems like you guys have already met him but nobody asked him[Read more…]

Space AMA with Polytrade

Space AMA with Polytrade hosts a Space AMA with Polytrade. The Polytrade platform is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that aims to transform receivables financing. It aims to connect buyers, sellers, insurers, and investors for a seamless receivables financing experience. Guest:  Mr. Piyush Gupta – CEO During the AMA, we talked about the function, mission[Read more…]

Winners Network AMA Recap hosts AMA with Winners Network: Our mission is to create an all-in-one eCommerce, DeFi, Crypto and iGaming rewards and loyalty platform that rewards you while transacting. #WinnersNetwork #PolygonDaily #Polygon #AMA BSCDaily Admin: Good day everyone, today I have here with me Ms.Alyssa from the Winners Network project!! Hello and welcome, how are you doing? Alyssa Padilla: Hi everyone!! I[Read more…]

Red Panda AMA Recap: How To Earn RPN Token

PolygonDaily hosts Red Panda: #NFT #RedPanda #PolygonDaily #Polygon Polygon_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today? Michael: Pretty good feeling I’d say. Always happy to see new people around Red Panda Family :)) Polygon_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA? Michael: For sure! Q1: Can you tell us a simple description about Red Panda, the name & story behind?[Read more…]