5TARS – The world’s first Watch-to-Earn Game 

Welcome to 5TARS, the world’s first Watch-To-Earn game where you may collect NFTs, compete in the fighting arena, and generate income for football fans all over the world.


5TARS is the world’s first WATCH-TO-EARN game, designed to reward football enthusiasts for watching their favorite sport. The game’s basic objective is to forecast football players’ performance ratings, game outcomes such as match scores, and the game’s MVP (Most Valuable Player).

5TARS aspires to become a new gathering place for all football fans who are enthusiastic about their teams. They leverage WEB3 marvels like NFT and Smart Contracts to reward fans by allowing them to profit while watching a game.

The platform is a responsive HTML5 game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and all transactions will be conducted in BUSD.

The 5TARS game will be hosted as a serverless infrastructure on Amazon AWS in order to accommodate a high volume of users and deliver a high-quality experience during matches.

The Game Concept

5TARS features many Match Combat Arenas in which 5TARTERS can guess the match score, Scorers and the MVPs before the game begins, and rate the performance of players and managers after the game has completed.

In the Match Combat Arenas, you compete with the rest of the 5TARTERS community and the best ones get rewarded in BUSD.

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Once in the Match Arena, 5TARTERS can compete against a restricted number of opponents. When you sign up for a Match Combat Arena, you’ll receive an entry ticket that’s tied to the Arena’s category (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and is only available to players who have a certain album.

Pre Match

5TARTERS can sign up in any match arena and lock in their albums and cards from 12 hours before the match starts until the first whistle. Before the game begins, the 5TARTERS must predict the match score, the top three MVP Players, and who will score the first goal.

5TARTERS can only sign up for ONE of each type of Arena each match (One bronze, silver, gold and platinum).

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How to earn points at the Arenas

You have plenty of chances to get points from a single game: 


    Score Match Prediction with the chance to double the rewards if nobody else predicted that same score. 

    Goal Prediction: Select your top 3 footballers that may score in the game. 

    Top 3 MVP Players: you get points if your choice matches with any players in the top 3 MVP of the match. 

Rate Players’ Performance:

    Players’ Performance Ratings Prediction: rate the players in the match, from one to five stars. You can get points if your guess is close. 

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Post Match

5TARTERS will rate the player’s performance after the final whistle,  from one to five stars. You can get points if your guess is close.  After the match, the ratings will be available for only a few hours. To obtain points, gamers need to rate the players and managers. The Rating window will close after a few hours, and gamers will be able to see their Arena score.

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Project Roadmap

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Economics & Rewards for gamers


STARCOIN is the internal currency of 5TARS. This is an in-game coin with the value equal 1 BUSD. 1 STARCOIN = 1 BUSD. 

5TARS decided to introduce STARCOIN as an in-game coin to make gaming more convenient for all 5TARTERS, particularly while playing from a mobile device (i.e. no need to utilize Metamask every time you sign up for a Match arena). It will also eliminate the need to pay gas fees in every in-game transaction that uses STARCOIN.

The awards for the arenas will be awarded in STARCOINS, which can be withdrawn in BUSD at a 1:1 ratio (1 STARCOIN = 1 BUSD) to your Metamask wallet. You can trade your STARCOINS for BUSDs at any moment.

Economy & Prizes

The reward mechanism follow below rules: 

The 5TARTERS in each Arena receive 80% of the entire collection from the entrance tickets to play in that Arena as prizes. The remaining 20% will be used to continue enhancing the game and rewarding the 5TARS team behind it.

80% of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs at 5TARS shops will be returned to the community in the form of higher prices at important events such as Finals and Super Classics. The remaining 20% will be used to continue enhancing the game and rewarding the 5TARS team behind it.

The funds raised from the Training Sessions will be used to cover game maintenance expenditures, such as infrastructure and servers in Amazon Web Services.

A 5% fee is charged on the Marketplace.


5TARS offers a variety of cards, including Player Cards, Team Cards, and Manager Cards, all of which provide stronger benefits based on their rarity, which ranges from Basic to Legendary.

You can purchase a random Card from the SHOP for a set price, or you can buy one directly from another Fan/Gamer on the Marketplace. Your wallet can only hold a maximum of 24 cards.

In addition, 5TARS features a variety of Albums that give more NFTs spots, ranging from Basic to Legendary. You can buy a random Album from another 5TARTER at the Marketplace or get one from the SHOP for a fixed fee. You can only have 5 Albums in your wallet at a time.

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Players Cards

Players’ Cards represent a player in the game and, depending on their rarity, operate as booster cards, increasing the number of points earned by players in the sections of “Goal Prediction,” “MVP Podium,” and “Player Rating.” Player Cards account about 85 percent of all cards.

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Manager Cards

Managers’ Cards represent a Manager in the game, and act as booster cards increasing the number of points obtained by Managers in the sections of “Score Prediction” and “Player Rating” depending on its rarity. 10% of all the cards are Manager Cards. 

Team Cards

Team Cards represent a Team in 5TARS game and act as booster cards increasing the number of points obtained by the Team in the fields of: “Score Prediction” and “Player Ratings” depending on its rarity. 5% of all cards are Team Cards.

Star Cards

The Star Cards are unique and special cards that represent the biggest stars of football history based on the FIFA 100 ranking. The initial amount of Star Cards in the game will be 100.

Training Sessions

Several training sessions must be completed in order for the player, team, and manager cards to function and perform boosters; they consist of purchasing training sessions from the shop and applying them to a card. For daily access to the game, there will also be Training Sessions rewards. 

Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/5tarsGame

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/5tarsgame

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5tars.io

Telegram: https://t.m/+ku3S_G6tObM1MWZh

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