Aidi Finance – An ideal asset and service network that unites Defi, NFTs, and Gaming

I. Introduction

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The proliferation of blockchains has made it possible for anybody to hold and transfer assets through an open network without having to rely on third parties. Unlike present financial architecture, blockchains are globally accessible and openly accessible. This has resulted in a substantial and continuously expanding quantity of digital assets residing on the blockchain.

They have the opportunity to witness a genuine paradigm change in 2020. A new subsection of the crypto ecosystem arose in response to the rising desire for privacy and anonymity. While the notion of bypassing centralized parties has been in theory since the beginning of Bitcoin, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry boom of 2020 highlighted the actual potential of putting such audacious concepts into practice.

With Trust, Transparency, Ease of Use, and Social Impact as its guiding principles, Aidi Finance offers a secure platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to make beneficial investments and use a range of services. This whitepaper gives a comprehensive discussion of Aidi Finance’s use case, tokenomics, team, and future development plans for its utility tokens ($AIDI and VERSE). People from all walks of life are encouraged to participate as the team tries out new ideas that will help the community in the crypto realm.

II. Mission & Vision

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Aidi Finance was formed on the principle that it is a fundamental human right to have control over one’s finances, data, and identity. The team thinks that decentralization is the key to enabling people throughout the globe to better protect their rights, and they are working to advance the world in this direction by constructing an ecosystem of valuable crypto assets and remarkable goods.

The goal is to create the finest decentralized environment where individuals may access the best that blockchain technology has to offer.

Integrity, Trust, Value for Money, Fairness, and Complete Decentralization are Aidi Finance’s core principles.

III. Roadmap

➤ 2021 – May
AIDI[ETH] Fair Launched
Main utility token in Aidiverse launched.

➤ 2021 – June
AidiSwap V1.0 Release
First utility product in Aidiverse released within record time.

➤ 2021 – August
AIDI[BSC] Fair Launched
AID[BSC] launched to support the BSC network.

➤ 2021 – August
VERSE[ETH] Fair Launched
AidiCraft’s governance and utility token $VERSE launched.

➤ 2021 – August
AidiCraft V1.0(β) Release
Aidiverse’s NFT marketplace β version launched on Rinkeby network.

➤ 2021 – September
Website Update is given a total remake.

➤ 2021 – October
AidiCraft Mainnet Release
AidiCraft V1.0 release on Ethereum Mainnet.

➤ 2021 – November
AidiSwap V2 Release
AidiSwap V2 with BSC BEP20 token support.

➤ 2022 – January
AidiCraft V2 Release
AidiCraft V2.0 with Lazy minting and WalletConnect.

➤ 2022 – March
Verse Migration to Polygon
Verse [ETH] migration to Polygon network on March 4th 2022.

➤ 2022 – May
AidiSwap V3 Release
AidiSwap with Polygon support.

➤ 2022 – May
AidiBets V1 Release
Decentralized betting platform.

➤ 2022 – July
AidiCraft V3 Release
AidiCraft with Polygon support.

➤ 2022 – July
Aidi Migration to Polygon
AIDI [ETH] migration to Polygon network on July 15th 2022.

➤ 2022 – August
AidiRaffles V1 Release
Decentralized fundraiser raffles.

➤ 2022 – August
AidiPlayFi Dev [Start]
First Play-to-earn NFT game development will start in Q2 2022.

➤ 2022 – September
AidiConnect V1 Release
Scheduled release of Asset tracker app with On-chain analytics.

IV. AidiVerse Blockchain Ecosystem

The Aidiverse is Aidi Finance’s network of crypto assets and utilities. They are bringing together and combining comprehensive Decentralized Finance solutions with Blockchain games and NFTs.

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1. AidiSwap: Multi-Network Decentralized Exchange

This year, decentralized finance (deli) has grown significantly, and on October 5, the total value locked (TVL) in defi protocols surpassed $200 billion. Since January 1, the total defi TVL across all blockchains has increased by about 855%, from $21.4 billion to $204 billion.

AidiSwap is the decentralized exchange of Aidi Finance (DEX). Users of AidiSwap may swap any ERC20 asset with rapid speed. Perform a smooth token swap on the Ethereum network. Aidiswap is a platform that incorporates the UNISWAP V3 Software Development Kit. By incorporating UNISWAP technology into Aidiswap, you can be certain that your transactions are valid and secure. Uniswap, a method for exchanging tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, is one of the most well-known and commonly utilized tools. Its Automated Market Maker (AMM) consistently uses the same product formula.

With Aidiswap, you will engage in direct peer-to-peer trading without the security risk of relying on a third party, thus you will always have total control over your assets. Of the neighborhood, Within the community For the greater good! Connecting your external wallet to Aidiswap facilitates transactions. Simply exchange currencies directly from your own external wallet. Aidiswap does not need a KYC procedure, unlike Centralized Exchange platforms. With decentralized cryptocurrency trading, no account registration is required. To begin, just connect your external wallet address. AidiSwap has now integrated ETH, Polygon and BSCnetworks on it, which users can change easily just by clicking on the tabs.

Future versions of Aidiswap will provide enhanced DeFi capabilities such as:
• BSC BEP20 token swap
• Liquidity Provisions and Rewards
• Live Trading with Stop-Limit orders
• Yield Farming.
• Staking & Yield Farming
• Enhanced dashboard with gas fee estimates and other useful visual tools
• For those who want to watch TradingView charts, set limit orders, and exert more control over their trading.

2. AidiCRAFT

AidiCraft is their one-of-a-kind and exclusive NFT marketplace, bringing together artists and art enthusiasts under one virtual roof. Verse is an Aidicraft reward and utility coin. On their user-friendly platform, you can create, purchase, and trade NFTs with ease. Interact with NFT community members and discuss your favorite NFTs and ideas.

Sellers – Anyone is able to generate one or more NFTs (ERC-721 and ERC-1 155) directly on the site. Users are able to establish new collections and add NFTs to existing ones. Those who prefer to sell their NFTs on Aidicraft at a Fixed Price, in Timed Auctions, or in Ongoing Auctions may pick which coin to list with. Currently available options include:

➢ For fixed Price sales, sellers can list with – VERSE, ETH and Wrapped ETH. In addition, AidiCraft is now integrated with Polygon, allowing users to list with either WMATIC or MATIC.
➢ For Timed Auctions – VERSE and Wrapped ETH only 

Buyers – may explore the site with ease and filter things based on their name, category, sale type, Price range, and Collections.

They can also:
• Like/Favorite NFTs
• Follow artists
• View a detailed history of activities on the platform
• View history of NFT transactions, Creators, owners, etc, on a detailed data page. 

NON-Restrictive: Aidicraft has been designed to be nonrestrictive. Aidicraft and Opensea are completely synchronized. This implies that AidiCraft-created NFTs can be sold on Opensea.

Community-Focused: Communities are established via the influence of the initiators, which will serve as a platform for art fans to discuss ideas and promote significant artworks and artists. Future editions of AidiCraft will include a forum for artists and art enthusiasts to network and engage directly inside the platform. 

AidiCRAFT’s advantages
▪ Affordable
▪ Reliable
▪ Accessible
▪ Secure: Their transparent distributed ledger shows all transactions and NFT’s.
▪ Scalable: The system is safe and reliable; it can be upgraded without forks.


The cryptocurrency exchange industry is a primary driver of the market for digital assets. It is where the majority of trade and pricing occurs. It is essential to monitor exchange activities on-chain, such as the ERC-20 and BEP-20 supply exchanges have at any given moment and the amount of ETH/BNB going into and out of exchange addresses. This information may provide crucial insights into market liquidity, investor activity, and market supply. The mechanisms involved in monitoring exchange wallets and, therefore, acquiring high-quality on-chain exchange data are not well understood. Here, they seek to promote openness and comprehension and provide insight on the difficulties involved in establishing trade indicators. We think that they will considerably improve the comprehension of this family of metrics and give investors and crypto project teams broad guidance on how to interpret them correctly and what to look out for.

AidiConnect is a secure, dependable, and feature-rich Software as a Service (SaaS) for on-chain analytics and crypto asset tracking. AidiConnect will be of great use to crypto project teams, investors, and onlookers. AidiConnect will provide investors with a unique set of metrics for evaluating the fundamentals of any crypto currency. Thus, AidiConnect makes your financial data simpler to comprehend and assimilate. And when you have a better understanding of how the crypto project is functioning, where your crypto holdings and other financials you’re monitoring are, where they’re heading, and how they interact, you’ll be able to generate and adhere to more accurate analytics and insights.

Blockchain Networks like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain offer a worldwide, real-time ledger that broadcasts data about the network’s activities and inner economics. In the absence of centralized authority, blockchains offer open-source data, the integrity of which is dependent on the network’s openness. AidiConnect will collect all of this open-source blockchain data and give audience members with insights.

AidiConnect also allows you to monitor your crypto holdings and obtain a breakdown of ARF incentives (Automated Reward Farming). If a user owns AidiVerse assets, he or she may monitor all of their assets and insights from a single location. Learn the actual performance of your investments with daily price and return updates. AidiConnect is planned to have a clean, user-friendly, modern design, incredible functionality, and ongoing improvements. 

Audience of AidiConnect
1. Project Teams – Crypto Admin, Managers and Owners.
2. Investors and Observers
3. Anyone who is a part of AidiVerse can track their investments (Aidi and Verse). 

How does AidiConnect track Exchange Addresses? The Ethereum and Binance Smart chain are an open ledger that allows them to analyze all transactions that have ever been made and assess the number of coins any given address in the network is holding or moving. To track addresses, they employ a variety of mechanisms that can be broadly divided up into three categories: verified exchange addresses (such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Centralized Exchanges), external sources, and clustering. 

The above sounds simple enough: Identify exchange addresses, and monitor how many coins those addresses are currently holding, i.e. how much funds are flowing into and out of those addresses. Well, in theory, yes – but as usual, things are somewhat more complicated. After various phases such as Extract, Transform, Clean and Load, the users are able to see the metrics on AidiConnect. Exchange data is extremely helpful for any trader, researcher, investors, and hodler. AidiConnect will strive to bring you the best exchange data in the industry.

Track Crypto Assets – Users can monitor assets at their fingertips in the tracking tab. AidiConnect comes packed with an array of beautiful charts and visual analysis features that you can use to get a bird’s eye view of overall asset performance, total net worth, and more.

The portfolio section allows users to:
● Manage investments across several networks and observe currency conversions in real time.
● View their earnings and losses over a certain time period.
● Examine their asset allocation.
● Have a thorough understanding of the equity history chart.
● Receive real-time information on Price, Volume, and Market Cap % Change.
● Receive a thorough analysis of incentives obtained with and without Automatic Reward Farming (ARF).

Accessible – AidiConnect’s first release will be a web application. Mobile versions of the app (Android and IOS) will be launched soon afterwards. The smartphone application will enable users to monitor their portfolio and cryptocurrency values. Never lose track of your assets, regardless of location.

A Full Ecosystem in one app – A Complete Ecosystem in a Single App Access the other Aidiverse products from a single location. AidiConnect will link users to AidiCraft by telling them of Hot bids on NFTs, Hot Auctions, Price adjustments, etc. Users will also get information on Playfi gaming events and AidiGarage’s latest collections.

Stay Informed – In the “Based Dev Corner” area, developers will provide information on upcoming product releases and new features.


4. AidiPLAYFI 

AidiPlayFi is a portal-style blockchain gaming platform comprising AIDI FINANCE’s in-development games. In the future, AidiPlayFi will also support games from third-party providers and developers.

AidiPlayFi will empower the gaming industry with blockchain technology. They are introducing blockchain-based gaming that provides a secure, decentralized, autonomous, and customizable platform upon which a variety of games may be constructed. The development team will produce completely autonomous, decentralized games in which players can anticipate 100% uptime, provably fair gaming, and actual ownership of their in-game stuff.

$AIDI will be AidiPlayFi’s principal utility coin. Holders of $AIDI will be able to participate in skill-based tournaments, acquire and upgrade game characters and other in-game products (e.g. NFTs), and participate in the governance layer of the ecosystem, which includes voting on platform roadmap, new game content, and prize pool development.

With AidiPlayFi, the team aims to solve the issues that plague both conventional online gaming platforms and other cryptocurrency online game platforms, including delayed deposits/withdrawals and a lack of confidence, and to become the biggest cryptocurrency gaming platform. Users provide the value of a platform, thus they will collaborate closely with their community members to expand the initiative.

● Incentivized Play – All players should be able to profit from their gaming expertise and be rewarded for contributing to the success of the games.
● Integration with AidiCraft – Direct access to their NFT marketplace, where you can exchange NFTs obtained from AidiPlayFi gameplay. Due to the fact that NFTs are priced per token, NFTs created by will be exchanged at varying values based on their usefulness and predicted profit inside the network.

Additional features:
• Secure virtual asset ownership
• Easy to use game app launcher
• Community Driven
• Reliability and stability
• Provably fair gameplay
• Decentralized and borderless

Why is the present a good moment for PlayFi?
• The worldwide market for video games is anticipated to increase from $175.8 billion in 2021 to over $200 billion in 2024.
• (Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report) the number of crypto wallet holders increased to 75 million (Statista, July 2021).
• In the first half of 2021, NFT sales volume soared to $2.5bn (Reuters).
• DeFi coins have a total fixed value of $84 billion as of August 2021. (DeFi Pulse).
• As of October 2021, the market valuations of popular Blockchain games such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox are $8.2 billion and $1.3 billion, respectively.

5. AidiGARAGE 

AidiGarage is a business that sells high-quality Aidiverse-themed items to the general public. Users may buy various goods and accessories online, including T-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, and stationery. They will also have a customization area where you can add great Aidiverse logos and designs to your items.

The sales proceeds will be distributed as follows:
➧ 25% set for Charitable activities
➧ 25% to the Marketing wallet
➧ 25% for ecosystem development
➧ 25% to boost their liquidity pools.

6. Future products

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Scalability and durability are two fundamental characteristics that support the Aidiverse ecosystem. They do not intend to stop after the completion of the existing road map. The team will continue to construct and extend the ecosystem in an effort to become a cornerstone in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. The following prospective goods have previously been discussed:

AidiRaffles – Decentralized Fundraiser Raffles (coming soon this August)

Aidiverse’s new standalone tool for blockchain initiatives and communities. AidiRaffle is a mechanism that enables initiatives to raise funding from the community for essential listings, events, and marketing, etc. In addition, community members will be able to participate in completely decentralized lotteries to try their luck.

Using our user-friendly online tool, projects may establish a new fundraising auction in about 5 minutes. Our safe raffle system is intended to automatically distribute a specified portion of the total monies collected to each winner.


AidiPAD will be an innovative new IDO launchpad with an emphasis on DeFi gaming and developer usability. AidiPAD intends to empower a significant number of young game creators who find it difficult to bring their game concepts to market due to time and budgetary restrictions. In this way, they want to democratize game production in the cryptocurrency field. AidiPAD will stimulate community development and developer-gamer engagement.

It will be possible for game makers to finance their ideas without giving up stock. In addition, unlike the majority of existing gaming platforms, players will have total ownership over their virtual assets, with the ability to lend, borrow, sell, and trade them as NFTs.


According to research, children’s financial habits have already begun by age seven. (College of Cambridge) AidiKIDZ will make it simple and entertaining for children to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, financial fundamentals, and much more. AidiKIDZ’s primary objective is to instill self-assurance, literacy, and inquisitiveness in its youngsters. AidiKIDZ will also include a video collection with the Aidi mascot as the protagonist. 60% of the revenues from the AidiKIDZ platform will be used to provide scholarships for children from disadvantaged families, while the other 40% will be used for platform maintenance and expansion.

V. About $AIDI and $VERSE


$AIDI, the flagship coin, was introduced on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token on May 26, 2021. $AIDI fuels the Aidiverse ecosystem as a whole, including applications in DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs. To make $AIDI more accessible to the broader crypto community, it was introduced on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in August 2021, with the same total supply and key characteristics. $AIDI has now been migrated to the Polygon network.

When feasible, a cross-chain bridge will be implemented. The team will initially utilize a third-party service provider, but in the near future they intend to construct their own proprietary bridge. The cross-chain bridge will be included into future AidiSwap versions.

• Deflationary
• Automatic Reward Farming (ARF)
• Primary utility token for PlayFi

• Total supply: 100 Million (max)
• 2% MATIC rewards
• 2% Marketing and development
• 2% Burn and liquidity

Transaction Tax:
Total fee for buy/sell transactions = 2%, broken down as follows:
1) Automatic burn — 1%
2) Token redistribution rewards for holders — 1%

Token distribution
Name: Aid Inu
Symbol: AIDI
Decimals: 9
Total Supply: 100 Quadrillion
Contract: Oxda1e53e088023fe4d1dc5a418581748f52cbd1b8
Zgfqq1Yy6Bivnamrasu6Vwfp0Ryc W4Ykptmscevjvpxu2Vjph7Zmapcnbku 1Ihe9Xoihvbi Dnw4 P60Ritgwbu5Wzxxdygwx7Y O9Vfv061Elvm8Kkuuqmrstkf 9Lqhtvrl9T Ztifmk63Gbcnahvqrlfdrapcc0Lfuirmrwrn0I5Zujeae3Jw


Verse is the Utility and reward token for Aidicraft, the exclusive and customised NFT marketplace.

Verse was designed not simply to ease trade on Aidicraft, but also to sustain $Aidi, the ecosystem’s primary cryptocurrency. 3% of each Verse transaction is allocated to the repurchase and destruction of Aidi. This results in Ethereum being added to Aidi’s liquidity pool and fewer tokens being in circulation. The cumulative effect provides price stability and appreciation for Aidi. The approach described above is automated and needs no developer involvement. Just like $AIDI, $VERSE has now also been migrated to the Polygon network.

Investors holding at least 500 Verse tokens get MATIC-based Rewards paid straight to their wallets.

• AIDI Price Stability by in-built automatic buy back & bum
• AidiCraft Operations Cost and Marketing
• Rewards for the AidiCraft Platform users
• Whale protection
• Bot prevention

• Total supply: 5 Million VERSE (max)
• 65% DEX liquidity
• 20% for Aidicraft Reserved Rewards
• 10% for Team & Development
• 5% Airdrop for existing Aidi Holders (at the time of launch) 

Transaction tax
Total fee for buy/sell transactions = 10%, broken down as follows:
1) Automatic buyback and burn of AIDI — 3%
2) MATIC rewards for holders — 4%
3) Marketing, Team, Charity fee — 3%

Token distribution
Name: Verse
Symbol: VERSE
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 5 Million
Contract: Oxe18841d7A75866688E291703BdE66c3378bd74A3
1Zoj4Eyfkedsp1Oiggns3Mdrppezkf3Eewrlwhjlx4Gt57Mxcyrayj8Hpi0Ccxyzd Te6Sv3 Rezpco2Os5Tkbzwjuntv9Yutmdzudfnaerz3Nmxi8Bzjieon0Nkosdbsjgvkot7Qcjiu9K6Jtburaoxkhhyn47Ydz4Yl4M9Pkzyjy Ypqi2 M Nwg

VI. Aidi Finance’s team

Their brilliant Leadership team has a lot of expertise and a wide range of abilities, including Blockchain development, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Design, and App development.

Source : Coinwire

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