Analysts Optimistic on MATIC and ADA as Cardano Signals Reversal, Polygon Resonates with 2021’s Remarkable Rally

Analysts Optimistic on MATIC and ADA as Cardano Signals Reversal, Polygon Resonates with 2021's Remarkable Rally

Crypto Analyst Sssebi’s Outlook on Cardano (ADA)

Crypto analyst Sssebi has sparked excitement around Cardano’s (ADA) price trajectory. In a tweet, the analyst pointed to ADA’s weekly chart, noting the “huge buying pressure” evident from the sizable wicks. “The weekly $ADA chart is a ticking time bomb,” Sssebi proclaimed, adding that “$ADA will explode in the coming weeks and everyone will start believing again.”

However, Sssebi had previously cautioned that for a true trend reversal, ADA needs to surpass the $0.67 level. Similarly, the analyst stated that Bitcoin (BTC) crossing $69,000 would confirm its uptrend. “Markets are bouncing,” Sssebi tweeted earlier. “I’d like to see $ADA above $0.67 to confirm the trend reversal, otherwise it will be a lower high and it might still go lower.”

MATIC’s Bullish Pennant

Simultaneously, Crypto Patel’s analysis has fueled optimism around Polygon (MATIC). According to the analyst, MATIC is forming a bullish pennant pattern on higher timeframes. Notably, during the 2021 bull run, MATIC surged 100x after breaking out of a bull flag formation.

Patel outlined a “BULL RUN ROADMAP,” stating, “If MATIC/USDT Break $1.20 Level in HTF then Ready for $10-$15 Target.” The analyst expressed bullishness on Polygon for the long run, suggesting the $0.60-$0.70 zone as an optimal accumulation range if the market crashes.

Market Data Adds to Positive Sentiment

Moreover, the latest market data from CoinMarketCap lends credence to the bullish outlook. As of writing, Polygon’s price stands at $1.00, up 0.92% over the past 24 hours. Concurrently, Cardano is trading at $0.636105, having gained 1.57% in the same period.

The crypto sphere speculates and anticipates as both Cardano and Polygon exhibit potential for significant upside. Analysts’ projections, coupled with the current market momentum, have reignited investors’ confidence in these prominent blockchain networks.

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