Astar Network Unveils NFT Initiative in Anticipation of Mainnet Launch on Polygon zkEVM

Astar Network Unveils NFT Initiative in Anticipation of Mainnet Launch on Polygon zkEVM

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Astar Network has launched an NFT campaign to celebrate its mainnet launch on Polygon zkEVM. The Astar zkEVM ecosystem users will be able to explore onboarded projects by completing various on-chain and off-chain quests. Rewards for completing quests include exclusive NFTs prepared by Astar Network and participating projects.

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Astar Network is celebrating its mainnet launch on Polygon zkEVM with an NFT campaign that allows users to earn rewards from Astar Network and participating projects, by completing on-chain and off-chain quests. Astar Network describes itself as the gateway for Web3 projects looking to explore Japan’s entertainment and gaming industry, bringing the Asian country’s rich culture to the blockchain.

The company’s zk-powered Ethereum L2 mainnet launch is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2024, which, in conjunction with its EVM, WASM, and cutting-edge ecosystem allows it to provide Web3 builders with a robust, secure, and interoperable web3 technology.

According to press material shared with NFTgators, “the campaign draws inspiration from the highly popular Japanese capsule machines and the mechanism of attaining random prizes in sphere-shaped capsules.”

The campaign will present users with virtual versions of these capsule machines that have been customized for each participating project. They will be able to mint and collect limited edition NFTs and explore Japanese folklore by partaking in an immersive storyline.

Commenting on the announcement, Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Foundation said in a statement: “We’re excited to share the launch of Astar zkEVM with Polygon Labs in Q1 of next year. It’s the solution that our enterprise partners need to build seamlessly on Ethereum. Over 320 organizations have joined Astar and are prepared for the next wave of web3 development in Asia in 2024.”

The company is inviting projects, artists, and businesses that have yet to explore web3 to join the Astar zkEVM ecosystem.

According to the announcement, projects joining Astar zkEVM will enjoy a range of benefits including exposure to a diverse community of projects that Astar Network has established through the Polkadot Parachain network.

The campaign also opens up opportunities for participating projects to join Japan’s burgeoning Web3 market, where Astar Network has already consumed for government agencies and collaborated with Japanese enterprises looking to join Web3, the company said.

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