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Under the (Robin)hood – What Polygon’s updates mean for MATIC

Robinhood, a leading trading app, will launch its Web3 trading app soon. It is in this regard that the platform has announced a partnership with Polygon. Polygon will be the first blockchain that the network will support, before eventually becoming a multi-chain wallet that supports a wide number of blockchains. Now, even though the app is[Read more…]

Polygon’s underground work across Hermez EVM and everything latest

Polygon’s [MATIC] underground works across the Hermez EVM and public chain roll-ups have not resulted in glad tidings for investors. According to the project’s co-founder, Anurag Arjun, Polygon had a lineup of developments. In summary, the integrations would be aimed at a common goal— to scale the ecosystem with cryptographic proof and seamless validation. However, MATIC seemed[Read more…]

Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction 2025-2030: MATIC to $30 if this goes to plan

Are you unhappy as a MATIC holder? Well, chances are you are. There is some good news, however – You are not alone. What’s more – It’s likely that there will be more good news going forward on the back of the market’s general bullishness. Consider this – The crypto-winter saw MATIC fall all the[Read more…]

Ethereum vs. Polygon and an ‘OpenSea’ of decline in NFTs trading

The craze that surrounded profile picture NFTs (PFPs) in 2021 dwindled significantly as per data from Dune Analytics. According to the blockchain analytics platform, monthly NFT trading volume on OpenSea had declined by 93% from the all-time high of $4.86 billion in January. The last nine months have been full of ups and downs for the crypto[Read more…]

MATIC long-term holders exiting their position in 2022 need to know this

The Polygon [MATIC] zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) is set to launch on its mainnet in 2023. The zkEVM project was contained in the third quarter report prepared by The Tie IO (data analysis firm). zkEVM is a scaling solution created by Polygon to increase dApps’ scalability. So what does zkEVM have to do with MATIC and its growth? Let’s[Read more…]

Polygon traders wishing for auto’MATIC’ surges may be unhappy because…

Polygon and its MATIC token are headed for interesting times especially with the latest developments. The Ethereum L2 recently confirmed a collaboration with the Robinhood trading platform and their new relationship just reached an important milestone. Polygon previously announced a partnership with Robinhood and the same impacted MATIC’s price action. No official launch date was announced but[Read more…]

Polygon traders may be in for a pleasant surprise after MATIC’s bear season

Polygon [MATIC] rested its short-term support last week but failed to garner enough buy pressure to support a healthy bounce. Instead, the bulls lost the battle to the bears, leading to a 24% crash in the last 10 days. MATIC had been trading within a megaphone pattern prior to the bearish performance since mid-June. It failed[Read more…]

Polygon [MATIC] embarks on a downward move, watch out for this support level

Polygon [MATIC] witnessed a spike in development activity according to Santiment, but social engagement has seen a dip over the past month. On the charts, MATIC saw a sharp rejection at the $0.94 resistance mark. At the time of writing, the momentum was in favor of the sellers. Yet, this could quickly change if Bitcoin [BTC] bulls hauled BTC past $19.4k.[Read more…]

Polygon: Dominant MATIC investors should read this before going all in

Polygon [MATIC] has managed to piqued the curiosity of whales or so called dominant buyers in the past few days. Polygon’s recent collaborations and growing domination in the dapp and NFT market may have spurred this interest. Will Polygon be able to sustain whale interest for longer than anticipation?  Shopping Spree WhaleStats, a crypto whale activity tracker, tweeted on 19 September that Polygon[Read more…]

Here is Binance’s new announcement about WAX and BUSD

As of press time, Binance finished integrating BUSD on the Avalanche and Polygon networks as well as WAX (WAXP) on the ERC20 protocol. These two integrations were announced by Binance on its official website and Twitter account.  The ERC-20 standard provides guidelines for Ethereum tokens that leverage smart contracts, which has a huge impact on the blockchain. The transfer of tokens, approval of transactions,[Read more…]