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Polygon enlists Xternity to migrate multiplayer Web3 game from Solana

To help transfer Synergy Land’s resources onto the EVM chain, Xternity proposed a process — via its network migration tool — that can be used to migrate games or projects across chains. Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon, joined hands with Xternity, a Web3 gaming development platform, to migrate and onboard a multiplayer Web3 game — Synergy Land — to the[Read more…]

Polygon primed for hard fork aimed at reducing gas fee spikes: New details revealed

Polygon told Cointelegraph that the hard fork will take effect at block 38,189,056, which will be initiated without the influence of centralized actors. Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon will undergo a hard fork on Jan. 17 in order to address gas spikes and chain reorganization issues that have affected user experience on the Polygon proof-of-stake[Read more…]

Polygon tests zero-knowledge rollups, mainnet integration inbound

Polygon takes zero-knowledge rollups to the final testnet to gauge the performance of its zkEVM ahead of eventual mainnet integration. Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol Polygon  MATIC $0.9946 is carrying out performance testing of zero-knowledge rollup (zk-Rollups) technology ahead of full integration with its mainnet. The development of the technology, called Polygon zkEVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), has[Read more…]

Mastercard partners with Polygon to launch Web3 musician accelerator program

The program will help five emerging artists set up and manage their brands in the Web3 space, and is also aimed at educating people in the music scene on what avenues Web3 tech can offer them. Global payments giant Mastercard is ramping up its exposure blockchain tech yet again, after announcing a Polygon-based accelerator program[Read more…]

NFT project accepted $3M to move its collection to Polygon

The team had previously announced the move, but had not revealed the cash deal. The team behind y00ts and DeGods were paid $3 million to move their collections off Solana and onto Polygon, according to a January 6 announcement from the company. The statement was made on Discord and copied to Twitter by Frank III,[Read more…]

Heroic Story secures $6 million to build Web3 tabletop RPG world

Web3 gaming protocol Heroic Story raised $6 million in a seed round led by Upfront Ventures with participation from Multicoin Capital and Polygon Technology, the company announced on Nov. 17. The funds will be used to hire talent, market the live beta and develop on-chain technology for a massively multiplayer role-playing game (RPG) world, the[Read more…]

Polygon Studios’ Ryan Wyatt talks Web3’s core principles and fairer internet

Ryan Wyatt, the CEO of Polygon Studios, shares his thoughts on blockchain upgrades and his plans for Polygon in supporting the upcoming Web3 disruption. The year 2022 in crypto was eventful in many ways. However, the negative impacts of a bear market dampened the excitement around the blockchain upgrades that significantly brought crypto ecosystems closer to the[Read more…]

Traders expect 200% upside from MATIC, but does Polygon network data support that?

In the past year, Polygon  MATIC $0.9007 has focused on growing their list of high-profile partners which includes luminaries like Disney, Starbucks and Robinhood. The recent announcements of partnerships with both Instagram and JPMorgan have speculators pushing the token price up nearly 200%.  In addition to partnerships, blockchain adoption through network usage is important to examine. Blockchain[Read more…]

MATIC price eyes 200% gains on Polygon adoption by Instagram, JPMorgan

Polygon’s list of high-profile partners is getting longer, with Disney, Starbucks and Robinhood already boarding its blockchain. $0.9579 emerged as the best-performing asset among the top-ranking cryptocurrencies on Nov. 3 as the market’s attention turned to the latest Instagram and JPMorgan announcements. Polygon in high-profile partnerships Notably, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, named Polygon as its initial[Read more…]

Axelar partners with Polygon to deliver cross-chain communication to Polygon Supernets

he partnership seeks to enable Ethereum ecosystem developers to have access to functions and users on Axelar’s dozens of connected chains. Cross-chain platform Axelar has announced a partnership with Polygon to deliver secure cross-chain communications to Polygon Supernets. The company said that Axelar’s partnership with Polygon will serve as infrastructure for an interoperable internet of dedicated Ethereum[Read more…]