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Polygon Has Integrated Push Protocol To Enhance Web3 Communication

Polygon has announced its move to integrate the Push protocol, formerly known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), to enable enhanced Web3 communication. What About Push Protocol  The EPNS was built initially to enable Push notifications on Ethereum. Since the platform launched at the beginning of this year, the protocol has powered 60k subscribers, 100[Read more…]

Which NFT Games Are Winning the Bear Market?

The crypto market is going through one of its worst periods in history, showing across all its sectors. Blockchain-based, play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games do not make an exception. Many such projects have dropped in value significantly in less than a year. Moreover, some have struggled to maintain their user bases and drowned in a sea[Read more…]

Polygon Partners With Xend Finance To Train Over 2,000 Africans on Blockchain

The Polygon workshop, an eight-week intense mentoring and Bootcamp in Africa, is now accepting applications. The Polygon Hackathon and Bootcamp are Polygon’s first on the continent, introducing developers and programmers to the Polygon ecosystem through the use of Polygon technology and Xend Finance. Bootcamp To Equip Africans With knowledge of Blockchain Development  This Bootcamp by Polygon is[Read more…]

Take Crypto Gambling to a New Level With Polygon on 1xBit

26th September 2022, Limassol, Cyprus — 1xBit has added Polygon [MATIC] to its expanding portfolio of supported crypto assets.The top 10 cryptocurrency offers players new possibilities with super fast speeds and almost no transaction fees whatsoever.  Polygon: What is the Hype About? Polygon is a decentralized platform for Web3 applications and dApps meant to better some of Ethereum’s[Read more…]

Meta Studio and Polygon Studios Team Up to Develop a Metaverse Platform for Creators

Plans are underway to build a one-of-a-kind metaverse platform that will enable all content creators to develop and trade digital arts in a decentralized ecosystem.  Accordingly, Meta Studio and Polygon Studios penned a strategic partnership to ensure that content creators and buyers can interact in a truly decentralized and fun environment. Meta Studio and Polygon Studios Collaborate[Read more…]

Ankr Partner With Polygon to Enhance Web3 Development for Supernet Developers

In a recent press release, Ankr, the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure developer, announced partnering with Polygon, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. The partnership’s main objective is to develop and improve Web3 for Supernet developers to advance the Web3 experience. The partnership will make the environment conducive for all web3 developers creating an application specific to the[Read more…]

Binance Successfully Incorporates Binance Stable Coin (BUSD) on the Avalanche and Polygon Networks

Binance recently announced the successful integration of $BUSD into the Avalanche and Polygon networks. Binancians (Binance’s user community) can now inter-transfer BUSD across the Ethereum, Smart Chain, Beacon Chain, Avalanche and Polygon networks. Binance Expands Territories To expand its ecosystem, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the integration of Binance’s stablecoin BUSD into the Avalanche and Polygon[Read more…]

Starbucks Collaborating With Polygon to Create Its Web3 Experience

Starbucks Odyssey, the well-known coffee brand has now partnered with the Polygon blockchain to create its recently unveiled Web3 experience. Digital Collectible Stamps to be Awarded Through this new initiative, Starbucks Rewards loyalty program customers and workers in the US will be able to collect and buy digital collectible stamps in the form of NFTs. The stamps[Read more…]

Polygon Uses Cash Hoard as Crypto Reels in Hiring Binge

Polygon, whose software improves the efficiency of Ethereum blockchain transactions, intends to raise its entire employment by more than 40% this year in order to capitalize on the difficulties of other crypto startups. Polygon Joins the Hiring Craze Polygon a company, which was founded in India and based in Dubai, wants to add roughly 200 individuals to[Read more…]

OnePlanet moves to Polygon after Terra’s May meltdown

OnePlanet has just completed its long-planned migration to the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling network Polygon. The non-fungible token marketplace was central to Terra’s emerging NFT ecosystem. However, the now-defunct blockchain’s May 2022 meltdown prompted the move to a new network.   OnePlanet moves to more stable ground OnePlanet first announced its Polygon migration in the immediate aftermath of[Read more…]