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Crypto Weekly Roundup: Coinbase Dumps Silvergate And More

Coinbase was in the news this week for the launch of its new Layer 2 project, Base, and also for cutting ties with the Silvergate Bank. The latter’s collapse has already shown its effects on the market. So let’s find out more.  The knowledge that Mt Gox bitcoin may be released to the market as Silvergate collapses[Read more…]

Chainlink Announces Launch Of New Developer Platform

Decentralized oracle network Chainlink has announced the launch of a new developer platform, christened Chainlink Functions. The platform aims to connect Web 3.0 applications with traditional cloud software.  Chainlink Functions will include support for integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Meta.  Decentralized platform Chainlink has announced the launch of a new developer platform to[Read more…]

Polygon Launches Zero-Knowledge Identity Infrastructure For Web3

Layer-2 scaling solution developer Polygon Labs has launched a new product based on zero-knowledge proofs: Polygon ID. The product operates as an identity infrastructure for facilitating and securing connections between decentralized applications and Web3 users. According to the developers, Polygon ID will follow principles of self-sovereign identity by default, enabling organizations to issue verifiable credentials[Read more…]

0x Labs Launches Relay API On Polygon And Ethereum

0x Labs, the blockchain development team behind 0x Protocol, has launched a new transaction relay API built for Polygon and Ethereum. According to 0x Labs, the transaction relay API (application program interface) is designed to create a more streamlined experience for developers who are looking to build frictionless crypto experiences. For the most part of[Read more…]

Polygon (MATIC) Announces Big Layoffs; Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Skyrockets In Presale Phase 8

Polygon (MATIC), a well-known blockchain platform, has just announced big layoffsremoving 20% of its workforce. However, despite this unfortunate news, investors and businesses alike can turn their attention to a more promising venture – the Orbeon Protocol(ORBN). With its revolutionary new approach to participating in the venture capital market, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is skyrocketing in the presale phase 8. Demand for the tokensis soaring, and they are disappearing quickly. Currently, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) canbe purchased for $0.0766, representing an impressive growth of 1815% from its initialprice of $0.004. It’s time to take advantage of this exciting opportunity! Polygon (MATIC), formerly known as Matic Network, is an Ethereum Layer 2 scalingsolution addressing the scalability difficulties of the Ethereum blockchain, which had grownclogged and sluggish as transaction volume increased. Polygon (MATIC) is a platform fordeveloping and deploying decentralized apps (dApps). Polygon (MATIC) functions as an Ethereum sidechain. This implies that transactions may becarried out on Polygon (MATIC) sidechain and settled on the Ethereum blockchain. Compared to executing transactions directly on the Ethereum network, this provides quickerand more efficient transactions and reduced costs. Polygon (MATIC) also enables blockchaininteroperability, making it easier for dApps to engage with one another. Polygon (MATIC) performance has improved over time, with the network processing billionsof transactions and more than 340,000 active addresses. MATIC, its native token, has alsoseen a major reduction in value, dropping over 13% in the last week. The recent announcement of layoffs at Polygon (MATIC), on the other hand, serves as a warning that even successful blockchain startups are not immune to market forces. Accordingto Polygon (MATIC), the layoffs were necessary to combine its business groups and enhanceefficiency. Despite the layoffs, Polygon (MATIC) remains a prominent participant in theblockchain arena, with its technology being utilized by developers and end users. >>BUY ORBEON TOKENS HERE<< Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Registers 1815% Gains as Preasle Reaches Phase8 Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is revolutionizing the venture capital market to benefit bothinvestors and businesses. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), a crowdfunding and investmentplatform, links growing businesses with communities in order to get appropriate capital at lower costs. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is an NFTs-as-a-service protocol (NFTaaS) This is made feasible by the use of equity-backed, fractionalized NFTs, which start at $1. The NFTs act as a type of startup investment, allowing ordinary investors to have access to theVC market with little constraints. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has a “Fill or Kill” mechanism to keep investors safe. Investorstypically lose money when a fundraising round fails to generate the required amount. Toaddress this issue, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) provides a safety mechanism. If the fundraisingeffort does not succeed, all investors will be refunded. With rising demand, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) tokens are quickly selling out. The current price of oneOrbeon Protocol (ORBN) token is $0.0766, representing an 1815% increase from the beginning price of $0.004. The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) tokens are predicted to gain 60x during the presale, which is one of the reasons industry professionalsand investors believe Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) will do well on the market. Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale Website: Presale: Source : cryptodaily

Scroll’s zk-EVM Layer 2 goes live on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet

Scroll released a testnet version of its Ethereum Layer 2 network on the Goerli testnet, moving the zk-EVM from a pre-alpha to an alpha testing phase. Until now, Scroll was available to try out on a testnet that was built on the project’s own clone of Ethereum. By moving from this to running on a[Read more…]

Derby Stars Gallops Into A New Era Of Horse Racing Game With Early Access Launch

Derby Stars, a horse-racing metaverse game on Polygon blockchain, has opened its “Early Access” version from February 27th to March 20th.  Developed by a team of experienced game developers, Derby Stars promises to be an exciting new addition to the world of digital horse racing. The game offers players an immersive experience within a beautiful[Read more…]

Crypto Weekly Roundup: Coinbase Launches Base And Other News

With Bitcoin at an interesting crossroads this week, it is imperative to look at all the contributing factors that could influence the market’s trajectory, especially the launch of a new Ethereum Layer-2 network. Let’s find out more.  Bitcoin  Bitcoin is facing fortress resistance made up of the 200 weekly MA and the last high reached in August[Read more…]

This Is How Users Keep Crypto Assets Secure While Trading With Leverage

The collapse of crypto exchange FTX not only shook people’s trust in centralized crypto exchanges to the core but also triggered an exodus from exchanges. Glassnode data shows that during the month of the FTX meltdown, crypto asset owners withdrew a record amount of Bitcoin from exchanges. Deemed “the biggest year ever for crypto hacking” by Chainalysis, 2022[Read more…]

Bitcoin (BTC) And Polygon (MATIC) Drop Prices As Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Aims At The Sky

Polygon (MATIC) and Bitcoin (BTC) have recently experienced strong runs. But a new entry has surprised investors with its high presale numbers. The presale for Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) just passed out of the first three phases, showing no signs of slowing down. Currently on the fourth presale stage, with the price at $0.06, analysts predict a rise to[Read more…]