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Polygon co-founder gives Devcon 2022 Bogota a miss over safety concerns

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal said he won’t be attending Devcon 2022 in Bogota, Colombia, “due to safety concerns.” He expressed regret over missing the opportunity to meet with friends from the ETH community. Devcon, Bogota is a technically focused conference for Ethereum devs, researchers, and builders. It will run from October 11-14 and features talks from prominent figures,[Read more…]

NFT Festivals | 5 Top Crypto Projects Making Huge Noise in 2022

In 2017, Devcon three was the only festival event that was releasing NFT tickets to gain access to an event. Since then, the entire festival NFT economy has boomed, with many events starting to release their tickets as NFTs. The technology provided by NFTs helps streamline the entire process of organizing the festivals and ensuring[Read more…]

Can the goal of financial autonomy be achieved without decentralization?

NEO Foundation (NEO) is a blockchain platform where developers can build decentralized applications (dApps). NEO provides infrastructure such as decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service to allow developers to build dApps that automate asset management using smart contracts. The protocol’s ultimate goal is to become a decentralized and open network for the “Smart Economy.” The[Read more…]

Multi-chain DeFi to boost user friendliness and onboard developing countries is the first multi-chain DeFi platform that allows users to swap tokens across chains without having to use bridges. The protocol defines itself as a “gateway to DeFi.” By eliminating the usage of third parties like bridges, also eliminates high transaction fees, having to use multiple front-ends, and giving up the custody of funding,[Read more…]

Algorand throws hat in ring as Helium community begins vote on Solana migration

Algorand (ALGO) network believes it would be a better option for Helium (HNT) than Solana (SOL) even as voting commenced on the migration proposal. Two top executives of Algorand urged Helium developers to reconsider their stance on Solana because ALGO’s network offers a better option. Algorand’s chief technology officer John Woods tweeted that ALGO’s blockchain meets[Read more…]

Starbucks launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon

Starbucks has announced it will launch its official NFT Rewards loyalty program tagged “Starbucks Odyssey” on Ethereum’s (ETH) layer2 Polygon (MATIC) network later this year. According to the announcement, the new loyalty program combines its existing rewards program and a non-fungible token platform where users can earn and buy NFTs that give them access to exclusive rewards.[Read more…]

PolygonLEAP accelerator program gives rise to 6 Web3 startups

Web3 accelerator program PolygonLEAP has announced 6 startups who emerged as winners from its incubation program and will share its grand prize of $250,000. PolygonLEAP was launched in 2021 by Polygon in partnership with Lumos Labs. The first iteration of the incubation program which started in December worked with 31 projects building across payments, gaming, metaverse, and NFT[Read more…]

OpenSea to exclusively support Ethereum PoS NFTs following Merge

OpenSea, the world’s largest non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace, announced it will commit to exclusively support NFTs based on the proof-of-stake version of the Ethereum blockchain once the Merge is complete. In the tweets, OpenSea also stated that it will cease support for ETHPoW items following the Merge. The company said: “While we won’t speculate on[Read more…]

Dogecoin team warns Dogechain is ‘another knockoff token’

Dogecoin Foundation board member Jens Wiechers rubbished claims that Dogechain is an affiliated product, saying “paid media” have disseminated false information that the two are connected. This follows an earlier tweet from Dogecoin developer @cb_doge, who posted that Dogechain is “another knockoff token,” while giving DOGE holders the heads up on influencers promoting the project. Incidentally, DogeChain is also the name of[Read more…]

SudoRare developers reap $815,000 from rug pulling project

Adding to the growing list of exploits, SudoRare developers have shut down operations after withdrawing $815,000 (519 ETH) from the AMM protocol. A Twitter user Sungjae flagged the rug pull after 173 ETH was transferred to 3 wallet addresses each. In a follow-up tweet, security firm PeckShield confirmed the rug pull and highlighted that the team had deleted all[Read more…]