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Polygon’s technical lead explains what to expect from zkEVM

Polygon looks to be the first to deploy an Ethereum mainnet release for their zkEVM rollup set for Mar. 27. The Ethereum ecosystem is set to witness one of the hottest blockchain trends this year, with numerous companies eager to exploit Polygon’s upcoming zkEVM rollup. What are zero-knowledge proofs? Zero-knowledge (ZK) technology is a cryptographic[Read more…]

Polygon open-sources its Web3 ID solution

Polygon Labs announced that it has open-sourced its Web3 ID solution, as indicated in a blog post from the company on March 1. Polygon initially announced the suite of tools in March 2022 and released it over course of the year. The toolset allows developers to leverage zero-knowledge proofs (or zk-proofs) to manage user credentials and identity in[Read more…]

Chainlink launches web3 serverless developer platform to connect web2 APIs to web3

Web3 oracle provider Chainlink has unveiled a new serverless developer platform, ‘Chainlink Functions,’ on its Web3 services platform to empower developers to build decentralized applications and connect smart contracts to any web2 API. Quick Take The need for Chainlink Functions in Web3 development Chainlink is one of the leading blockchain oracle providers allowing dApps across[Read more…]

CryptoSlate Daily wMarket Update: Polygon defies flat market, posting 8% gains

The cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of $2.09 billion over the last 24 hours and currently stands at $1,044.31 billion — down 0.2% from $1,046.4 billion. Over the reporting period, the Bitcoin market cap fell 0.2% to $442.43 billion from $443.07 billion. Similarly, Ethereum’s market cap dropped 1.6% to $193.42 billion from $196.32 billion.[Read more…]

Gaming unique active wallets grew 60% in 2022 – on-chain transactions up 37%

Wax, Hive, and BNB chain became the most popular gaming blockchains with 353,000, 234,000, and 136,000 daily UAWs, respectively Web 3 gaming on-chain transactions and Unique Active Wallets (UAW) recorded 37% and 60% growth during 2022, according to a recent report from DappRadar. The top three most popular gaming blockchains were Wax (WAXP), Hive (HIVE),[Read more…]

Pudgy Penguins launches cross-chain transactions for Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum

The project is using LayerZero to expand its current Ethereum blockchain to improve ease of access and network capability. Pudgy Penguins announced that it is using Layer-0 to allow cross-chain transactions on adding Polygon (MATIC), BNB Smart Chain, and Arbitrum (ARBI) to improve access for people beyond the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The decision was made[Read more…]

FTX creditors include Google, Meta, Circle, Genesis, govt. agencies

The impact of the FTX meltdown has outstripped the crypto ecosystem and leeched into the mainstream tech industry and beyond. FTX finally revealed its complete list of creditors on Jan. 25 but withheld the names of nearly 9.6 million users in accordance with a court order. The defunct crypto exchange owes millions of creditors, including[Read more…]

CryptoSlate Wrapped Daily: Genesis files for bankruptcy; Cardano creator wants CoinDesk

Genesis Global Capital has files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson confirms interest in buying CoinDesk. These and other stories in today’s CryptoSlate Wrapped Daily. The biggest news in the cryptoverse for Jan. 20 saw Genesis Global Capital file for bankruptcy. Elsewhere, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson confirmed that he is interested in acquiring[Read more…]

Robinhood launches self-custody wallet

The wallet currently supports Ethereum and Polygon but is set to expand by adding new networks in the future. Crypto investing platform Robinhood announced the launch of its self-custody Wallet on Jan. 19. Robinhood released Wallet, an İOS app that allows users to transfer and view owned crypto and NFTs. With a waiting list of over one[Read more…]

Active crypto developers grew 5% YoY despite market decline

The study revealed a 3x increase in the number of Bitcoin monthly active developers and a 5x rise in the number of Ethereum developers. BitcoinMonthly active developers grew 5% YoY, despite a more than 70% decline in crypto prices in 2022, according to a recent crypto developer report from venture firm Electric Capital. The report also outlined[Read more…]