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AI avatars launch on Polygon as CharacterGPT brings NPCs to life

AI NFTs that can be trained to respond like real people are coming to Polygon Alethea AI and Polygon Labs are jumping on the AI hype with the launch of an AI-powered NFT project that allows users to create NFT avatars through text-based prompts similar to OpenAi’s Dall-E image generator. The project plans to allow “anyone[Read more…]

Rarible rolls out new Polygon marketplace builder amid chain’s NFT boom

Rarible’s customized NFT marketplaces are coming to Polygon. The NFT marketplace rolled out new services for NFT collection creators that will allow them to make their own customized marketplaces for free. Similar to services it already provides for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, the move comes amid growing interest in the Ethereum sidechain for both NFT[Read more…]

Polygon finishes hard fork software upgrade to keep gas prices low, reduce reorgs

Polygon announced the completion of its proof-of-stake hard fork upgrade in an attempt to reduce gas spikes and chain reorganizations(reorgs) on January 17. The two proposals included in the hard fork were submitted last December. About 87% of Polygon validator teams voted for approval. The hard fork proposal aims to reduce gas spikes by reducing the BaseFeeChangeDenominator to[Read more…]

Solana Gains 40% As Crypto Market Continues Its Recovery

Following the heavy market crash late last year, the crypto landscape has been on a steady path to recovery, with the altcoins leading the way. Solana(SOL) is one of these many altcoins, and it has kicked off the weekend with an explosive start.  According to data by CoinGecko, SOL has gained 40% in the last 24 hours,[Read more…]

Shiba Inu Takes No. 2 Spot In Most Secure Crypto Projects – A Boost For SHIB Price?

In a digitized economy, security is one way to ensure that your digital assets are safe. Shiba Inu was recently examined by security analysis company CertiK. According to a recent tweet, the memecoin ecosystem ranked No. 2 in its Security Leaderboard with a score of 93, only behind Polygon which has a score of 95.  Shiba Inu has[Read more…]

MATIC Holders Suffer Massive Losses, Here’s How Many Wallets Are In The Red

MATIC’s price looks to be holding up quite well in the market given current circumstances, but given how much the crypto’s price has fallen from its 2021 all-time high price, the vast majority of its holders are still nursing losses from their investments. 80% Of MATIC Investors Suffer Losses Data from the on-chain analysis platform IntoTheBlock shows[Read more…]

Flasko (FLSK) Is Expected To Surpass Binance Coin (BNB) And Polygon (MATIC) By 2023

The years 2021 and 2022 haven’t been kind to crypto investors. Some cryptos fell more than 90% in 2022, with no hope of rising. Since there have been a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs) in the crypto market, even big names in the crypto industry, like Binance Coin (BNB) and Polygon (MATIC), have[Read more…]

Web3 and VR gaming studio Thirdverse raises $15 million in latest funding round

A company making a blockchain game based on the popular 80s football manga Captain Tsubasa raised $15 million in its latest funding round. Tokyo-based web3 and VR gaming studio Thirdverse received backing from round leader MZ Web3 Fund as well as 8DAO, B Dash Ventures, Double, Fenbushi Capital, Flick Shot, Holdem Capital, Kusabi, OKCoinJapan,[Read more…]

Polygon Continues To Build Despite Market Turbulence; Here Are Levels To Watch

The price of Polygon (MATIC) has been a standout performer in recent weeks rallying from a low of $0.85 to a high of $1.3 before facing rejection due to the current market state that has affected most crypto projects. The crypto market has seen some drastic shift in sentiment, with Polygon (MATIC) and the price[Read more…]

Polygon ($MATIC) Adds 46 Million Addresses in Six Months as It Outperforms Wider Crypto Market

The Polygon ($MATIC) network, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, has added over 46 million new addresses to its network over the past six months while the price of its native token, used to pay for transactions fees and secure the network via staking, has been outperforming the wider crypto market. According to data from Polygon[Read more…]