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Onmeta Is Live on Polygon to Help dApps Seamlessly Onboard Users

Users want to be able to exchange their fiat to crypto and access their favorite decentralized applications. Onmeta is a B2B fiat to crypto payment gateway that will allow new users to buy your/any token with Indian-native payment methods (Debit/Credit card, Netbanking, UPI). It is the one-point solution for On & Off Ramp requirements for[Read more…]

Dexpools P2P Launching on Polygon in April 2022

After a successful open beta in Jan 2022, Dexpools will officially launch in April 2022 with support for the Polygon ecosystem, allowing traders to swap peer-to-peer using any tokens on the Polygon chain.  Traders will be able to swap securely privately or publicly utilizing the Quantstamp audited smart-contract escrow, avoiding slippage and market impact. Polygon[Read more…]

DPI and MVI Now Available on Polygon

Index Coop’s DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) and Metaverse Index (MVI) products are now available on the Polygon network which provides gas savings when compared with the Ethereum mainnet. Here’s a brief overview of what you need to know to purchase DPI and MVI on Polygon.  What are the DPI and MVI products?  DPI is a[Read more…]

GUStakes Beta Launches Contracts on Polygon to Utilize the Low-Cost Full Stack Scaling Solution for Micro Wager Transactions

GUStakes is the first decentralized application that allows for trustless peer-to-peer wagers to be placed on the NFT card game Gods Unchained. GUStakes leverages Polygon’s economical transactions to launch multiple contracts that are interlaced with one another in order to utilize the game’s API as the decision-making oracle for the dApp.  GUStake’s advantages to building[Read more…]