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Neopets Meta raises $4m in funding from Polygon Ventures, Blizzard Avalanche

he web3 spin-off of the classic virtual pet game Neopets raised $4 million in a new funding round. Polygon Ventures, Blizzard Avalanche Ecosystem Fund, Hashkey Capital, IDG Capital and its parent company Chinese gaming firm NetDragon Websoft were among the investors, according to a release. Neopets Meta launched the alpha version of its metaverse in August. Several[Read more…]

Seven Seven Six leads $9.5 million Series A for digital fashion brand Syky

Digital fashion brand Syky completed a $9.5 million Series A round led by Seven Seven Six. Brevan Howard Digital, Leadout Capital, First Light Capital Group, and Polygon Ventures also joined the round, according to a release on Tuesday.  Syky, led by former Ralph Lauren Chief Digital Officer Alice Delahunt, aims to build a blockchain-enabled luxury platform. The[Read more…]

Blockchain game Synergy Land migrates to Polygon

The blockchain game of musical chairs doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Synergy Land, a web3 action role-playing game currently in development, announced it will move from the Solana blockchain to Polygon.   While Synergy Land is a relatively small and unknown project, the game’s move to Polygon adds to a growing list of gaming and[Read more…]

Crypto investor HashKey Capital closes third fund at $500 million

Crypto investment firm HashKey Capital has closed its third fund by raising $500 million. The fund comes as the industry is reeling under pressure from recent collapses and the bear market. Dubbed HashKey Fintech Investment III, the fund targets investments across crypto areas, with a focus on infrastructure and application builders, the firm announced on[Read more…]

New Trump NFT collection lets users buy Zoom access to Donald Trump

A new collection called Win Trump Prizes that allows users to buy rewards related to former U.S. president Donald Trump launched on OpenSea.  Individuals can claim a one-on-one Zoom meeting with Trump for 200 ETH ($277, 000), a gala dinner ticket for 50 ETH ($69,000), a meeting with Trump for 21.45 ETH ($30,000) and more.[Read more…]

Polygon eyes hard fork in January to address reorgs and gas fee spikes: Exclusive

The developers at Polygon PoS blockchain proposed the launch of a hard fork software upgrade to address gas spikes and enhance the security of blocks on the sidechain network.  The upgrade, proposed by the developers at Polygon Labs, is planned to take place on Jan. 17, according to a note shared with The Block. If[Read more…]

Lens Protocol lets creators issue token-gated content

Decentralized social media protocol Lens has released a new feature, “token-gated publications,” for creators to monetize their content by providing access only to members who hold certain tokens in their crypto wallets. The token gated content is available through Lens’ application programming interface (API). It’s powered by LIT Protocol — a crypto mechanism that lets authors and publishers[Read more…]

ConsenSys launches private beta testnet for zkEVM scaling technology

ConsenSys, the blockchain infrastructure platform behind Metamask and Infura, opened a private beta testnet for a new scaling and privacy technology called zkEVM that’s built on top of Ethereum. ConsenSys is using the testnet to explore the potentially disruptive technology that could improve Ethereum’s speed and transaction costs by over 100x.  ZkEVM stands for zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine.[Read more…]

Magic Eden blames third-party cacher for ‘unsavory’ NFT images

Solana’s largest NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, displayed incorrect images for some non-fungible tokens yesterday. Some of the misplaced stills included “unsavory” adult content — the result of a compromised third-party image cacher, it claims. “Hey guys our image provider, a 3rd party service we use to cache images, was compromised,” Magic Eden tweeted. “Your NFTs are[Read more…]

December NFT data wrap: Trump NFTs sell out

A tough year for NFTs is finally over, but the pain for NFT investors is likely to continue in the new year. Marketplace volumes have yet to pick up, and the debate over royalty enforcement continues after many major marketplaces made the fees optional. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs ended 2022 with a floor price of 69[Read more…]