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ConsenSys announces public testing of ZK-Rollup network compatible with Ethereum

Blockchain development firm ConsenSys will begin a public test of a zkEVM rollup network compatible with Ethereum on Mar. 28. The zero-knowledge, or ZK-Rollup, network performs off-chain computations on a secondary layer for faster and cheaper transactions while prioritizing Ethereum’s security; a private beta phase was successfully completed, having processed over 490,000 transactions from various[Read more…]

Aave starts governance discussion to deploy on upcoming Polygon zkEVM mainnet

Aave, a decentralized lending protocol, is considering deploying a minimum viable version (MVP) of Aave version 3 on Polygon’s upcoming zkEVM Layer 2 network. Marc Zeller, the founder of Aave-Chan Initiative and an Aave protocol delegate, submitted this proposal to establish Aave’s presence on Polygon’s zkEVM network soon after its mainnet beta launch on March 27. The[Read more…]

Polygon launches web3 identification service using zero-knowledge proofs

Polygon, the Ethereum sidechain, released a web3 identification service called Polygon ID that will allow blockchain-based applications to authenticate user credentials without compromising personal information. Polygon-based crypto and NFT projects such as Kaleido, Fractal and Collab.Land, have already shown support for Polygon ID, which is accompanied with a developer toolkit. The offering can verify user[Read more…]

Chainlink introduces new developer platform called Functions

Decentralized oracle network Chainlink has launched a new developer platform called Chainlink Functions to help connect decentralized applications (dApps) with traditional web apps in a seamless manner. The platform is now available in beta on the Ethereum Sepolia and Polygon Mumbai testnets. Chainlink’s oracle network is designed to enable smart contracts and applications to utilize off-chain data[Read more…]

Robinhood rolls out wallet to iOS customers globally

Robinhood Wallet, which supports both the Polygon and Ethereum networks, is now available to all iOS customers worldwide.  The self-custody wallet, which had a waitlist of over 1 million users, can connect to a range of decentralized applications, Robinhood said in a blog post. Tokens currently supported include COMP, MATIC, SHIB, SOL, UNI and USDC, and[Read more…]

Mangrove raises $7.4 million Series A to enable market makers to operate without locked capital

Mangrove raised a $7.4 million Series A round to build out its order book-based decentralized exchange with its “offer-is-code” approach to liquidity provisioning. Cumberland and Greenfield Capital co-led the raise. CMT and Gumi Crypto Capital (gCC) also participated in the fundraising effort, the company said in a statement.  The startup secured $2.7 million in a[Read more…]

Speculators push price of testnet ether on Goerli network to $1.60

The price of testnet ether on the Goerli testnet spiked to $1.60 on Feb. 25 as traders speculated on a token that’s supposed to be worthless. Last week, cross-chain platform LayerZero created a way for Goerli’s testnet ether to be traded and swapped between the Ethereum mainnet and the Goerli testnet. The idea was to create a[Read more…]

Four top cryptocurrency stories from the past week

No week in crypto goes by without eye-catching headlines. This past week saw the birth of a new scaling blockchain from Coinbase, Jump recovering $140 million worth of stolen assets from its Wormhole bridge hacker, new indictment charges for FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and layoffs at two major blockchain firms. Here are the details on[Read more…]

Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise looks to hire ‘head of degen relationships’

Game studio Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is on the hunt for a head of degen relationships. The company posted the job ad earlier this week to join the team as it develops its play-and-earn sci-fi civilisation-building game, Life Beyond. The head of degen relationships is expected to act as an ambassador for the game[Read more…]

Data analytics firm Arkham Intelligence adding support for Polygon in Q1

Arkham Intelligence announced it is adding support for Polygon, giving users the ability to track, monitor and identify wallets on its chain. This is the second chain Arkham Intelligence will add support for besides Ethereum, which it will do in the first quarter. Arkham said it chose Polygon for its second integration because of its partnerships with[Read more…]