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Report Shows Growth In Multiple Ethereum Layer 2 Networks; Polygon Leads The Pack

The importance of Layer 2 solutions is becoming much more glaring as web3 adoption continues to grow, paving the way for developers to launch without compromising speed for scalability. Layer 2 solutions have recorded a significant rise in the past three months in major metrics, including daily users, transaction volumes, and increased network fees. According to[Read more…]

Polygon Successfully Completes ‘Performance-Boosting’ Hard Fork As MATIC Targets $2 Price High

The much-awaited hard fork aimed at boosting Polygon’s performance went live today at block 38,189,056, brewing a wave of optimism among the MATIC community. Earlier today, the team behind the Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol confirmed that the hard fork would proceed as scheduled, noting that no action will be required from MATIC holders as it will be[Read more…]

Polygon NFTs Finally Coming To Over 1.4 Billion Instagram Users — MATIC Primed For Huge Boost

Instagram is doubling down on its Metaverse bet. Continuing its recent rollout, tech giant Meta announced that Instagram is creating an NFT minting and sale feature through its app. Like Reddit, the popular photo-sharing app turned to Polygon for its digital collectibles marketplace plans. Polygon’s token MATIC has enjoyed a significant spike in buying pressure[Read more…]

MATIC Poised For Huge Boost As Robinhood Enables Polygon For Its Over 20 Million Users

Top American brokerage firm Robinhood is actively expanding its cryptocurrency support of late. Amidst a crypto-asset listing spree, the broker has recently extended support for MATIC deposits and withdrawals. Robinhood users can now send and receive MATIC on Polygon Robinhood announced on Wednesday that it had added support for MATIC deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon[Read more…]

Cardano and Polygon Termed As “More Secure Than Solana” By Market Pundits

Security is an important aspect of a blockchain. In the development of a blockchain network, the network’s security is a significant requisite for its success and mainstream adoption. Consequently, all networks in the crypto space promise a level of security to attract users, including the self-acclaimed ‘ethereum killers’. However, amongst these networks, Cardano and Polygon have been recently regarded[Read more…]