Can Polygon’s Gaming Division Contribute to the Stability of MATIC?

Polygon’s Gaming Influence and Immutable zkEVM Testnet

Within the last 24 hours, three out of the top five Polygon dApps belonged to the gaming sector, showcasing the thriving popularity of blockchain-based games.

The Immutable zkEVM testnet has recently gone live, introducing a range of new features and capabilities to the Polygon ecosystem.

Despite ongoing challenges, MATIC’s price chart remained in the red, accompanied by bearish metrics.

Over the past few months, Polygon (MATIC) has dedicated significant efforts to enhancing its gaming ecosystem. These endeavors have positively impacted the blockchain’s metrics, indicating sustained gaming activity.

The potential growth of blockchain technology within the gaming industry is substantial, but the impact on MATIC’s stability remains to be seen.

Exploring Polygon’s Gaming Ecosystem

Data from Dune Analytics underscores the steady growth of Polygon’s gaming ecosystem. Key metrics, such as unique addresses, transactions, and unique addresses within gaming dApps, substantiate this trend.

The momentum extends to the number of transactions occurring within gaming dApps on the platform.

DappRadar’s insights highlight the significant role played by the gaming sector in Polygon’s expansion. Notably, three out of the top five dApps on the Polygon network in the last 24 hours were gaming-related: Pandra War, Sunflower Land, and Planet IX.

MATIC has also recently formed a partnership that promises to further accelerate the growth of the gaming ecosystem. The introduction of the Immutable zkEVM testnet adds a layer of new functionalities.

Users adopting Immutable zkEVM can leverage the benefits of zkEVMs, combined with gaming-specific features provided by Immutable, aimed at simplifying the creation of web3 games.

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, emphasized the significance of this partnership for Polygon 2.0. He indicated that these testnets mark a substantial stride toward realizing the vision of Polygon 2.0.

MATIC’s Ongoing Challenges

Despite the flourishing gaming ecosystem, MATIC’s native token faced hurdles in reversing its negative price trend. According to CoinMarketCap, MATIC saw a decline of over 14% in the past week. At present, its trading price stands at $0.5808, commanding a market capitalization exceeding $5.4 billion.

An examination of Polygon’s metrics raises concerns about the possibility of a continued downtrend. The token’s exchange reserve is on the rise, suggesting heightened selling pressure. Furthermore, both active addresses and transfer volume witnessed a decline, contributing to a bearish outlook.

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