Crypto Trader Says Dogecoin and a Top-20 Ethereum-Based Altcoin Are Primed for Explosive Rallies

A popular crypto analyst says Dogecoin (DOGE) and Polygon (MATIC) are primed for huge rallies as markets move sideways.

The pseudonymous trader known as Kaleo tells his 538,100 Twitter followers that Dogecoin is consolidating around a baseline bullish price at $0.13 and he predicts a more than 50% price bounce.

“Slowly returning to its baseline bullish trend, where I’m looking for a solid bounce on the way to $0.20-plus.”

Kaleo says the price later dipped slightly lower to $0.12, but will soon see larger demand head higher. At time of writing, Dogecoin is trading at $0.12.

“Keeping patient to fill the bids just a bit lower.”

Kaleo says he expects MATIC to break the $1 price level and keep increasing. At time of writing, MATIC is changing hands at $0.95.

“MATIC/USD approaching range highs. I’m once again here to remind you that sub-$1 MATIC is too cheap. The break above this flag will be explosive when it happens.”

Kaleo says that the Ethereum scaling solution MATIC retraced slightly against Bitcoin (BTC) but is beginning to climb again.

“MATIC / BTC retesting HTF (high-frequency trading) resistance after the bounce.”

Source: CryptoKaleo/Twitter

Kaleo also updates his outlook on decentralized exchange token SushiSwap (SUSHI), saying higher prices are incoming as the token retraced against BTC and is climbing back up.

“SUSHI/BTC continuing to climb back to the highs off the retest bounce.”

Source : dailyhodl

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