CryptoBusy Analyst Predicts Upward Momentum for Polygon (MATIC), VeChain (VET), and Anticipates Price Surges for Pullix (PLX)

CryptoBusy Analyst Predicts Upward Momentum for Polygon (MATIC), VeChain (VET), and Anticipates Price Surges for Pullix (PLX)

Crypto Analyst Predictions

A top crypto market expert, known as CryptoBusy, has provided bullish forecasts for various cryptocurrencies. Here’s a breakdown of the latest predictions:

Pullix (PLX) – Bridging CEX and DEX

Pullix (PLX) is making waves in the DeFi space by introducing a hybrid exchange that merges the best features of Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). This innovative platform aims to offer traders a unique combination of advantages without any additional costs.

The upcoming Pullix exchange is designed to expand traders’ access to a diverse range of assets, including forex, commodities, stocks, OTC derivatives, and indices. By tapping into high-volume markets, Pullix aims to increase trading activities, subsequently driving demand and value for the PLX token.

Key features of Pullix include:

  • Yield Farming: Traders can enhance profits by participating in yield farming through staking LP Tokens, earning PLX tokens with each transaction.
  • DeFi Swap: Pullix facilitates fast token exchanges through a liquidity pool mechanism, simplifying the swap process.

Currently in its final presale stage, Pullix is valued at $0.14, showing a 40% price increase in the past week. With potential listings on Uniswap and BitMart, Pullix is positioned as one of the top DeFi projects in the market, with analysts forecasting a 100x surge after its launch in the next few weeks.

VeChain (VET) Price Prediction

VeChain (VET) is poised for a bullish movement in the coming weeks, driven by numerous partnerships and initiatives. Recent data from CoinMarketCap indicates fluctuations in the $0.03121 – $0.05135 price range, with a 36.3% increase in the past week and a 51.0% increase in the past month.

VeChain has demonstrated a 32.5% increase in the past year, with (63%) green days in the last 30 days, signaling a predominantly bullish trend. Technical indicators support a positive sentiment, with 27 indicators bullish and only 4 bearish. Analysts predict a potential rise to $1 in the coming months.

CryptoBusy’s Bullish Forecast on Polygon (MATIC)

In a recent tweet, CryptoBusy forecasted a bullish scenario for Polygon (MATIC), anticipating an increase to $3 based on the Adam and Eve bullish pattern. Polygon is currently trading in the $0.8472 – $1.01 price region, showing a 13.1% increase in the last week and a 22.7% increase in the past month. Technical indicators suggest a bullish sentiment, with an RSI value of 70.31, indicating an overbought position. Analysts foresee the altcoin potentially reaching $1.5 in the short term and $3 in the long term.


While analysts express bullish sentiments for VeChain and Polygon, all eyes are on Pullix, set to launch in less than 70 days. Pullix is touted as a token that could rise to join the top cryptocurrencies in the market.

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