Discover the Leading Achievements in the Polygon Ecosystem: 3 Must-See Winners

Coin 1: Quickswap

Quickswap is the leading DEX on Polygon. There are a few of us here at Altcoin Buzz that use Polygon as our preferred EVM network. We use it for holding stablecoins, doing DeFi, NFTs, games, and the like. And if you do, then you need to know Quickswap. It has everything you need to swap coins or put coins to work. With over $100 million in TVL, they are carving out a nice position for themselves.

They even have stablecoin-only farms that you can use if you have USDT, USDC, and/or DAI on the Polygon Network. Very convenient. A couple of nice opportunities on Quickswap right now are:

  • MATIC-USDT paying 175%.
  • ETH-USDT at 18%.
  • DAI-USDT at a nice 5.12%.

All nice returns for coins you already have anyway. You earn in dQUICK, which is part of the native token for Quickswap. dQUICK goes into the Dragon’s Lair. The Dragon’s Lair encourages longer-term holding. They compound yields to help add to your returns.

So, the true native token $QUICK currently trades around 4 cents. Its total market value is $24.3 million meaning its TVL is almost 5x higher than its market value. By contrast, GMX is at 0.59 and Uniswap is at 1.02 in market cap to TVL. While Quickswap is at a lowly 0.20.

Just a move up to an equal TVL ratio as GMX would mean a 3x from here for Quickswap holders. We feel like this is one of the lowest-risk DEXs in crypto. What DEX is your favorite right now? Let us know in the comments below.

Coin 2: Gamma

Gamma is our lowest cap pick for today at only $6.4 million in market cap. We don’t often recommend projects this small as they are so unproven but this one has something we like. This is Gamma Strategies and its $GAMMA coin. So, Gamma is a liquidity provider for DEXs so they have liquidity for trades. In fact, the most volume Gamma has for liquidity right now is for Quickswap, our first coin today.

Although they are a low-cost source of liquidity, they have some excellent yields. Like 27.09% for wMATIC-wETH. Or 5.21% in the stablecoin vault for USDC-axlUSDC. That’s a great ROI for no impermanent loss risk. Also, you can stake GAMMA for a real yield revenue share of protocol fees. Right now, that’s 2.54%. But real yield works for us. It seems more sustainable.

The $GAMMA token currently trades at 10c, down 80% from its all-time high of 72 cents. So that would be almost 6x just to return to the ATH. The circulating supply is 61.5 million out of a total of 100 million. And its Market cap to TVL is even lower than Quickswap’s 0.2. For Gamma, it’s 0.17. Again, a chance at a bargain if you believe in the Polygon ecosystem as we do.

Gamma is available on CoinEx, Kucoin, or Uniswap. Uniswap has the most volume but it’s pretty thinly traded so get it where you can if you like the project.

Coin 3: Voxies

Voxies is a free to play and play to earn game on Polygon. It’s a PvP-style game and roleplay too. Everyone starts their own little army with 3 Voxie recruits making a 4-man team. You fight monsters and go on quests in the outer lands but go into the arena for your PvP battles.

They have an independent p2p marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs of various game pieces. But also, rent. You can sort by the type of product you want to buy or rarity and other more common NFT features.

The rental feature is particularly cool. It pays out in native $VOXEL coins and you can rent for a few hours or 2 weeks at the click of a button. That’s a nice secondary income source for Voxel coin holders too while they are not playing.

The tavern is a place where you can rest and recover by buying healing potions instead of just ale or grog. You can buy $VOXEL directly from the app with Moonpay. That’s pretty convenient too. The token is also available on Binance and

Its current market value is $16.2 million and 40% of the total supply is active and circulating in the market. Its all-time high is $4.70 but even at half of that, that’s still a 15x type return. If you think games are going to make a comeback soon, then bookmark this one.

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