Examining MATIC Price Trends: Pressure Mounts as Abundant Supply Challenges MATIC’s Performance!

Exploring MATIC Price Trends

Following a breakout from the channel pattern, the MATIC price experiences a boost in momentum through a double bottom reversal. Surpassing the dynamic 50-day EMA, the Polygon price trend witnesses a significant 30% increase in the past two weeks.

Driven by a robust reversal rally, the MATIC price trend sets its sights on higher levels in 2023. With increased breakout chances, predictions hint at MATIC crossing the $1 mark later this year.

Riding the wave of overall market recovery, MATIC price sees a surge in trading volume, supporting a bullish relief trend. Initiating a double bottom reversal from the psychological $0.50 mark, buyers in the Polygon price trend manage to surpass the dynamic 50-day EMA.

Despite some underperformance earlier in 2023, the recovery rally propels Polygon on a positive trajectory, ending the year on a bullish note. If the uptrend maintains momentum, the reversal rally has the potential to surpass the overhead 200-day EMA.

Current MATIC Price Status

Presently, the MATIC price trend surpasses the $0.60 zone but moves sideways due to extensive supply at the 200-day EMA. The altcoin currently trades at $0.67, reflecting an intraday growth of 1.53% and minimal price rejection, suggesting a breakout might be imminent.

Technical Indicators

  • MACD Indicator: Due to recent consolidation, the MACD and signal lines are narrowing the bullish gap, indicating a potential negative crossover. Additionally, bullish histograms are declining, hinting at a short pullback trend.
  • EMA Indicator: The 50-day EMA rises, suggesting a golden crossover. However, the opposing 200-day EMA signals a possible pullback.

Will MATIC Price Sustain Above $0.60?

With the double bottom reversal rally challenging the 200-day EMA, the MATIC price enters a lateral trend. However, a short-term pullback in the overall market poses a challenge to altcoin recovery.

If Polygon price surpasses the 200-day EMA, the uptrend could extend to the $0.75 mark. Conversely, a reversal from $0.65 might push MATIC price down to $0.55 if buyers fail to maintain dominance at $0.60.

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