Exciting Details Unveiled for Polygon zkEVM’s Inaugural Major Upgrade

Dragon Fruit Upgrade Features

  • Introduction of the latest EVM opcode, PUSH0
  • Alignment with Solidity v0.8.21
  • Enhancement of programmability and DAO capabilities

This update is crucial to bolstering the usability of programmability of Polygon zkEVM while also boosting its DAO capabilities. This capability was what set the stage for the upgrade as the transaction containing the proposal was accepted earlier today by a confluence of community contributions.

With the coast clear, Polygon zkEVM postulated that the Dragon Fruit upgrade is now set to go live on the mainnet in the week of Sept. 11, setting the stage for a new dawn for the protocol.

Polygon zkEVM Key Milestones

Since the inception of the Polygon zkEVM protocol, it has managed a number of impressive milestones that underscore the length of time expended in its design. As reported by U.Today, the protocol has showcased its grit on the Ethereum network as the parent network’s fee wars raged fiercely back in May.

It becomes imperative to note that Polygon zkEVM has continued to record impressive transaction counts even though it is competing with the likes of top protocols within its ecosystem, including Arbitrum (ARB), Optimism (OP) and zkSync, among others.

Upcoming Upgrade: MATIC to POL

To double down on broader Polygon ecosystem evolution, the Polygon Labs team has also revealed an impending upgrade of MATIC to POL, a push many are keenly anticipating at this time.

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