Exciting Launch: Scroll Unveils zkEVM Mainnet to the World!

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Scroll Announces Mainnet Launch

Blockchain protocol Scroll quietly launched its zkEVM-based Mainnet, achieving a significant milestone in scaling Ethereum’s capabilities. On October 17, Scroll officially announced the Mainnet launch, although the smart contract had been running since October 8 in stealth mode. This announcement led to a substantial influx of deposits, with a total of 2,030 ETH deposited on the Scroll platform, according to Dune Analytics.

Advanced Ethereum Scaling: The zkEVM Advantage

Scroll introduces Ethereum compatibility on its layer-2 platform, enabling contracts originally written for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to run seamlessly on the Scroll network, powered by zero-knowledge proofs. The use of zero-knowledge technology and EVM compatibility simplifies the migration of applications from Ethereum to the new zkEVM network. This feature sets Scroll apart from other layer-2 solutions, offering an experience nearly identical to Ethereum, making it effortless for developers to transition their existing Ethereum projects to Scroll with minimal codebase adjustments.

Community Building and Experimentation

Over the last year, the Scroll team has actively fostered a community of developers, encouraging them to experiment on the Scroll platform. More than 100 projects have been deployed on Scroll’s testnets, spanning various sectors such as infrastructure, DeFi, and Web3 gaming ventures. These projects collectively boast impressive statistics, including over 450,000 smart contract deployments, 90 million transactions, an average of 305,000 daily transactions, and the generation of over 9 million blocks, supported by more than 280,000 ZK proofs.

Prioritizing Security

Scroll prioritizes security by extensively testing its platform through three separate testnets and conducting thorough audits with four independent security firms. Haichen Shen, Co-founder of Scroll, highlighted their holistic approach to security, stating, “Scroll approaches security holistically, maintaining a dedicated internal security team, fully auditing our codebase with numerous audit firms, and remaining open-source, which we have been since day one.”

The Unique zkEVM Experience

One distinctive feature setting Scroll apart from other layer-2 protocols is its zkEVM, offering an experience virtually identical to Ethereum. Sandy Peng, Co-founder of Scroll, emphasized their focus, stating, “We focus on enabling developers to build blockchain applications that will anchor web3 in real-world use cases, attracting new users en masse, and moving everyone forward.”

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