GameSwift Partners With Polygon To Become A Gaming Ecosystem For Web3 Games

GameSwift – a Web3 gaming solution, has announced a strategic partnership with the Polygon network to build a comprehensive Gaming Ecosystem. GameSwift partnered up with  Polygon and is going to launch its own chain built on the Polygon Edge framework. The platform is tailored to gamers and gaming protocols in the Web3 gaming space to help address the ongoing challenges that continue to stifle the growth of the sector.

What Is GameSwift?

GameSwift is a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem that provides a comprehensive 360-degree platform for game developers and studios. The most exciting part of GameSwift’s offerings is the ability for game developers and studios to onboard their Web2 games into the Web3 space without hassle. This way, the platform helps to accelerate the growth of Web3 and blockchain gaming by onboarding Web2 gamers.

It is an ecosystem developed by individuals with a passion for gaming, strong technological background in the gaming sector, and an understanding of blockchain innovation, combined with the decentralized financial technologies that expand the opportunities of blockchain gaming. It merges these important standalone factors into a single platform that prioritizes opening doors to the mass adoption of web3 gaming.

Formerly known as StarTerra, GameSwift had undergone a rebranding to enable it to focus on its gaming segments. This is not surprising, given that the reason StarTerra had grown to be one of the largest protocols on the Terra blockchain was due to its gamification of the crowdfunding process.

CEO Wojciech Gruszka explains the shift to web3 and metaverse gaming as a move to address the issues that currently plague the space. These issues were brought to the fore when StarTerra developed StarHeroes, triggering a change in the course towards addressing these challenges. “We want to make sure that players and builders can freely enjoy what they like the most without the need to dive into complicated technological matters,” Gruszka added.

An Army Of Solutions

Perhaps the first and most important aspect of the GameSwift ecosystem is the development of its very own chain. The GameSwift Chain is a way for the platform to support web3 gaming protocols better. Built atop the Polygon Edge framework GameSwift is able to leverage all of the best parts of Polygon, such as low fees, high scalability, and an active user base of hundreds of thousands.

The GameSwift Chain is a prelude to the army of solutions that the platform offers to game developers and gamers. In its big to become the one-stop shop for web3 projects, GameSwift outdoes itself with each new product supporting its vision of mass adoption of web3 games.

GameSwift ID:

GameSwift addresses one of the most prominent challenges of web3 and blockchain gaming, and that is the ability to easily access any blockchain game regardless of what chain they’re on. With GameSwift ID, users can connect a countless number of addresses to a single decentralized identification, then use the ID to access any blockchain game.

GameSwift Studios:

For many blockchain games, their growth is stunted by not having the appropriate backing. So even when a developer has an excellent game without the right backing, they usually never get anywhere. GameSwift Studios will support the best, high-quality games that are developed using its suite of products and help them gain popularity among players.

GameSwift Bridge:

Like GameSwift ID, this is a solution to help solve the challenges faced by users who are playing games across different blockchains. With GameSwift Bridge, players will be able to easily transfer their funds and assets between EVM and Substrate chains without going through any additional platforms. Funds and asset transfers are thus easier, cheaper, and available to a broader community of gamers.

GameSwift Platform:

The GameSwift Portal is another way for GameSwift to support upcoming game projects. It allows users to interact with others, launch their favorite games, and look through a vast range of public sales’ offers, including INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) and IGOs (Initial Game Offerings).

This way, GameSwift can enter the picture as an early supporter, guiding and providing much-needed support for the games to survive in the space.

GameSwift Analytics:

For any project to be a success, it must have access to analytics that provides valuable insights into its user base and performance. Gaming projects are no different in this regard. This is why GameSwift offers an analytics platform.

This service will allow game developers and product owners to take a look into the data trail left by users. A gaming guild or studio using GameSwift Analytics will be able to track what NFTs are being minted by each user, the time taken to complete in-game quests, how long players are spending in the game overall, and more. GameSwift Analytics provides builders with a unique perspective on their projects and the best way for them to scale.

GameSwift Extension:

The GameSwift Extension is a browser extension that can be used for both blockchain games and decentralized applications. An example is WebGI blockchain games, providing an easy onboarding with on-ramp solutions and cross-platform opportunities.

GameSwift Launcher:

GameSwift shows its commitment to making the gamer experience better through the GameSwift Launcher. This is a platform that hosts a wide variety of web3 games where gamers can easily enter and pick their favorite games.

The GameSwift Launcher is not restricted to a single blockchain. It hosts games from various chains. In the meantime, GameSwift Launcher makes sure players are using the latest version.

Changing The Future Of Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming still has a lot of room for development before it is able to rival the web2 gaming space. However, there are some things that web2 does not possess! The main thing is decentralization which puts the power in the hands of players and lets them gain rewards for active participation.

With GameSwift, developers are able to build new blockchain-based gaming protocols and also improve the existing ones. It is a comprehensive platform that provides all a game developer or studio could ever need to be successful all in one place. The platform is set to become the largest gaming ecosystem in the space after receiving backing from Polygon.

Source : Bitcoinist

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