Grab and Mirae Asset Securities Embrace Polygon for Seamless Blockchain Integration

Grab’s Polygon-Based Web3 Wallet

Grab has integrated a Polygon-based web3 wallet exclusively for its users in Singapore. This wallet offers blockchain-based rewards and NFTs, enhancing the user experience.

Mirae Asset Securities and Polygon Labs Partnership

Mirae Asset Securities has joined forces with Polygon Labs to advance tokenization and Web3 technologies in the financial sector. This collaboration promises to bring innovative solutions to the industry.

Monetary Authority of Singapore’s NFT Vouchers

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has partnered with Grab to provide NFT vouchers that can be redeemed at various events, enriching the digital asset ecosystem.

Polygon’s Expanding Influence

Polygon, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling network, is significantly expanding its reach through two key collaborations with major players in Southeast Asia:

  • Grab – The super app introduces a Polygon-based web3 wallet for Singaporean users, offering blockchain-based rewards and NFTs.
  • Mirae Asset Securities – The financial behemoth partners with Polygon Labs to drive the adoption of tokenization and Web3 technologies in the financial sector.

These partnerships underscore Polygon’s growing influence in both consumer and institutional blockchain adoption.

On September 7, Grab unveiled its new Polygon-based web3 wallet, exclusively available to its Singaporean users. The wallet’s integration into Grab’s financial services tab offers more than just a platform for digital asset transactions:

  • Users can earn blockchain-based rewards.
  • Users can acquire NFTs, enhancing their digital asset portfolios.

Colin Wu, a tech analyst who tested the wallet, highlighted its security features, including the use of a PIN password. Currently, the wallet supports two types of digital assets:

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