How UK Crypto Companies Can Stand Strong Against US Pressure by Paving Their Own Regulatory Path

UK’s Nuanced Approach to Crypto Regulation Hailed by a16z and Others

Some American lawmakers and businesses are critical of the US government’s approach to regulating the crypto industry, citing its confusing and heavy-handed nature that may hinder innovation. However, Web3 companies are hoping that the UK will take a different path. Today, a16z, the crypto-focused division of VC behemoth Andreessen Horowitz, urged the UK Treasury to adopt a more “nuanced” approach to regulation and steer clear of the US approach.

UK’s Initial Crypto Regulations

The UK released its initial regulations to oversee the crypto sector in February. The Treasury stated its intention to regulate crypto exchanges in a similar way to traditional financial institutions. On Monday, Brian Quintenz, Head of Policy at a16z, tweeted his enthusiastic support for the UK’s “proportionate and focused, agile and flexible” regulatory regime. He also expressed that the investment firm is eager to work with the Treasury to establish world-class rules that will protect consumers and promote innovation.

Polygon Labs Also Voices Support for UK’s Regulation

In addition to a16z, Polygon Labs, the entity responsible for the Polygon blockchain network and the 10th largest cryptocurrency, MATIC, also voiced its support for UK’s regulation. Chief Policy Officer Rebecca Rettig called the UK consultation “excellent” and stated that the company is “incredibly encouraged” to see the industry being regulated. Polygon Labs recommends that “unbacked cryptoassets” such as Bitcoin be treated differently from tokens and coins with a development team or an underlying asset.

Coinbase CEO Praises UK’s “Sensible Crypto Regulation”

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange, also praised the UK for implementing “sensible crypto regulation” to drive economic growth and safeguard consumers. Coinbase is actively seeking rapid overseas expansion. Nevertheless, after the collapse of FTX, American regulators, especially the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), have become more aggressive in encouraging compliance from major crypto brands. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has targeted Kraken, Bittrex, and Coinbase for allegedly selling unregistered securities.


Republican politicians are critical of regulators, claiming that they are forcing tech companies to relocate offshore. Consequently, the UK seems ready to welcome crypto companies that may be displaced. The British government has expressed a desire to establish itself as a “global crypto asset technology hub.”

Key Takeaways

  • a16z urges the UK Treasury to adopt a “nuanced” approach to crypto regulation
  • Polygon Labs and Coinbase also voice support for UK’s crypto regulation
  • The UK aims to establish itself as a “global crypto asset technology hub”
  • American regulators have become more aggressive in encouraging compliance from major crypto brands

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