Hybrid DeFi Platform Dubbed “Polygon-Killer” Soars as Experts Predict 100x Growth Potential

Innovative Products in the Cryptocurrency Market

We are witnessing new products in the cryptocurrency market driven by innovation and increased user application. DTX Exchange (DTX), a hybrid DeFi platform, is one of these unique products. Its ongoing public presale showcases how profoundly enthusiasts appreciate its solutions. On the other hand, Polygon (MATIC) struggles to remain relevant as DTX enters the market. Join us as we explore DTX and its effect on Polygon.

DTX Exchange Emerges to Revolutionize Centralized and Decentralized Finance World

DTX Exchange’s innovativeness makes it the DeFi platform to beat. With crypto use cases and adoption growing, DTX Exchange presents a hybrid application that enables retail and corporate investors to buy centralized assets via decentralization technology. Similarly, it eases the acquisition of cryptocurrencies and the collaboration between crypto protocols.

Self-styled to be a dream come true for every trader, DTX hosts over 120,000 investment products on its platform. On this hybrid DeFi, traders can buy cryptocurrencies and traditional assets such as:

  • Bonds
  • Securities
  • CFDs
  • Commodities
  • Forex trading
  • Mutual funds

Asset purchases on the DTX Exchange platform are recorded using the underlying blockchain technology. This enables speedy analysis, accurate and immutable records, and increased privacy and security due to non-custodial wallet use.

DTX Exchange is a user-friendly platform that assures speedy onboarding with no KYC requirements. Moreover, it encompasses an advanced technology infrastructure that powers high-frequency trading, rapid withdrawals, and zero commissions on trade. These features make trading a breeze and multiply trader profits.

Once onboarded onto DTX Exchange, traders find an elegantly designed interface that ensures they can handle the system professionally. DTX Exchange’s native token, DTX, enables payment of transaction fees, interoperability with other decentralized platforms, and staking for yields and platform governance.

Labeled the Polygon Killer, DTX Exchange is the best crypto to buy now before its public presale concludes. It promises massive profitability during the presale and after launch on DEXs.

Polygon Declining as a New Competitor Protocol Launches

MATIC, once a dominant token in the cryptocurrency market, appears to have fallen through the cracks, with its former glory fading. Expert reports show it has lost its significant advantage in the DeFi sector with a falling TVL, DEX activity, and revenue. With the introduction of DTX, MATIC will likely fall to zero.

Polygon appears to be diverting its focus on Zero Knowledge protocols after fully acquiring a ZK research and engineering firm for over $1 billion paid over three years. The acquisition emphasizes Polygon’s importance in making Web3 more scalable and safer.

Polygon’s price has remained stagnant for a prolonged period. However, with the market preparing the next crypto bull run, MATIC’s price jumped 14% from $0.66 to a high of $0.75 in May.

MATIC experienced low demand despite the price rise, implying a bearish market sentiment. If the low demand persists, MATIC’s price prediction indicates a price drop to $0.5 by the end of the year.

DTX Better Than MATIC: Massive Profit Potential and Interoperability

DTX enables blockchains to interact with centralized protocols and products. As a result, DTX may have more activity in its network than Polygon.

Furthermore, more people interact in its network, meaning DTX will likely generate higher demand and valuation, increasing its affinity with investors and crypto enthusiasts.

DTX promises a 50% price increase to reach a valuation of $0.06 per token in Stage 3. Given its demand, with Stage 2 investors raising over $600,000 a week, we believe investors could earn up to 1000x ROI once DTX goes live on exchanges. Of course, DTX Exchange’s impressive performance during its presale makes now the best time to buy it.