In-Depth Technical Analysis: Evaluating BNB and MATIC in the Midst of Market Shifts

Cryptocurrency Market Technical Analysis

In the cryptocurrency market, technical analysis is a crucial indicator for investors, particularly those involved in futures trading. As of the latest data, BNB is trading at $225.1, while MATIC is at $0.7350. Let’s delve into the insights that technical analysis provides for these cryptocurrencies, examining detailed charts and identifying significant support and resistance levels.

Binance Coin (BNB) Chart Analysis

BNB exhibits a notable rising channel formation on the four-hour chart, which gained significance. This structure, however, lost validity after a major sell-off related to the proceedings between the US Department of Justice and Binance. Despite signs of recovery in BNB’s price, momentum is slowing down, with the EMA 200 (red line) acting as a substantial resistance level.

Support Levels for BNB (Four-Hour Chart)

  • $222.2
  • $218.6
  • $215.1

A four-hour bar close below the $222.2 support level, especially on November 27, is expected to trigger significant selling pressure on the price.

Resistance Levels for BNB (Four-Hour Chart)

  • $227.7
  • $231.7
  • $237.7

A four-hour bar close above the $238.7 level, intersecting with the EMA 200, will likely reintroduce a bullish momentum for BNB.

Polygon (MATIC) Chart Analysis

MATIC also showcases a rising channel formation on its four-hour chart as a notable pattern. Despite breaking through resistance and gaining momentum in November, MATIC retraced to the formation area, breaking the support in the last bar formations. This development suggests potential selling pressure for MATIC in the short term.

Support Levels for MATIC (Four-Hour Chart)

  • $0.7209
  • $0.6947
  • $0.6623

A four-hour bar close below the $0.7209 support level is likely to result in a loss of momentum for the MATIC price.

Resistance Levels for MATIC (Four-Hour Chart)

  • $0.7857
  • $0.8173
  • $0.8583

A bar close above the previously unbreachable $0.7857 level will contribute to MATIC’s price gaining momentum.

Key Takeaways from Technical Analysis

  • Technical analysis unveils trends for BNB and MATIC.
  • Support and resistance levels serve as critical indicators.
  • Chart patterns suggest potential future price movements.

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