Indian city deploys Polygon blockchain to manage public complaints

The police department of India’s Firozabad city has announced a plan to use the Polygon (MATICblockchain to register complaints as part of speeding up the resolution process of public complaints. 

The system will deploy the OxPolygon modular blockchain with the department citing benefits like a tamper-proof system that does not interfere with logged complaints, Firozabad Police said in a statement on October 10. 

Under the system, once a complaint has been registered, the blockchain will generate 

a unique code for the specific case. The police station near the area of the complaint will then have a special QR code that will direct reports toward the grievance form. 

At the same time, after a complaint is filed, a First Information Report (FIR) will be prepared in case the police determine an official investigation is required. However, complaints filed will go on the blockchain, but getting on the FIR is not guaranteed. 

“Using emerging technologies like blockchain, a pilot portal,, has been launched, which is free of cost, dedicated to the city. The benefit of using blockchain is that the complaints registered on it can’t be tampered with as data recorded is immutable and transparent,” said Ashish Tiwari from Indian Police Service. 

The complaints system was set up by Ankur Rakhi Sinha, the founder of AirChains, a Web3 software development platform alongside the police district’s smart cell. 

Rooting out corruption  

Notably, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal stated that the new system would likely root out corruption cases. Nailwal, an Indian national, noted that the system would be vital in handling cases of rape. 

“This is very close to my heart. We grow up hearing about so many such cases wherein, due to some corruption in a local police department, victims (mostly of rapes) are not even able to register complaints, or the complaints being manipulated,” Nailwal said in a tweet on October 12. 

It is worth noting that Polygon has so far received numerous use cases in administration across India. For instance, the Maharastra government announced the use of the Polygon blockchain to issue verifiable caste certificates.

Source : Finbold

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