Initiation of Phase 2 Development Marks the Milestone Launch for Polygon’s zKEVM

Polygon zKEVM: A Successful Test Phase, Now to the Growth of dApps

Launched in public beta 10 months ago, Polygon zkEVM is the first complete open-source zkEVM on the market. Polygon first focused on security, resilience, and scalability during this initial phase.

Today, the company believes that these foundations are solid, even more so, and that it is time for it to start building and growing the ecosystem of decentralized applications that will be hosted on the platform. Thus, phase 2 will see new dApps being deployed progressively over the next 2 months.

Polygon wishes to support and train developer teams joining the zkEVM adventure. The goal is to ensure that growth occurs in a responsible and controlled manner before the full activation scheduled for March 2023.

Towards Full Activation and Scaling Up in March 2023

This phase 2 should lead to the final activation of Polygon zkEVM during phase 3 in March 2023. At that time, a major upgrade of the zkEVM client will be deployed to lift all the remaining limitations on transaction throughput.

Polygon estimates that the infrastructure will then have been fully tested to support billions of transactions. The company also plans to launch marketing campaigns with the dApps present on the platform, always with the goal of accompanying this full activation.

In other words, the gates will be completely opened to allow a massive influx of users and transactions. The goal is to demonstrate the capability of Polygon zkEVM to become a truly adopted scaling layer for Ethereum.

With this move to phase 2, Polygon zkEVM crosses a crucial milestone in its development. This should lead to its full activation by March 2023. The company is implementing a responsible strategy to accompany the growth of its zk-Rollup ecosystem, with the long-term goal of making it a reference scalability solution for Ethereum. Its success will depend on adoption by developers and users in the coming months.

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