June 2024 Altcoin Outlook: Unveiling Profit Potential in APORK, MATIC, and NEAR

June 2024 Altcoin Outlook: Potential Profit in APORK, MATIC, and NEAR

As the market made an explosive start in June, analysts are beginning to discuss tokens that are likely to see a huge rise. Angry Pepe Fork, Polygon, and Near Protocol have all made incredible jumps and are on the watchlist for a potential 10x this month. While Polygon and Near Protocol are established altcoins, Angry Pepe Fork is a new token that has just graced the market and could be one of the top altcoins to watch in 2024.

Traders’ Eyes on Angry Pepe Fork After Explosive Presale Opening

With Polygon and Near Protocol, Angry Pepe Fork is set for a potential breakthrough in June 2024. The new altcoin has made notable gains in the market since the start of the presale with more traders alerted to its unique functionalities. Built on Solana, Angry Pepe Fork is a community-driven meme coin ready to dislodge many competitors.

  • Through its conquer-to-earn system, Angry Pepe Fork creates armies that can collectively engage in battling enemies, and conquer zombie meme coins.
  • The rewards for each participating individual are free tokens and becoming designated community members.
  • Right in the presale, users can begin to benefit from the staking option with an impressive APY lined up to reward each staker.

APORK is the native token of the Angry Pepe Fork community and will be used for transactions and governance rights on the platform. By holding this token, users can qualify for extra benefits through staking and by participating in the conquest to earn challenges. As the project moves forward, more functionalities will be unearthed with the potential partners with top crypto projects.

The past few months have seen the growth of Solana-based projects and Angry Pepe Fork may be the next altcoins to watch. At its current price of $0.014, the token is relatively cheap and could give huge profits in the future. With only a 1.9 billion total supply available to ensure rarities and continued value surge, APORK can rise to $0.5 in the coming months, making it one of the best altcoins to buy in June.

Polygon Price Slows Down But $1 is Possible in June

Polygon has experienced a slight bearish correction across its monthly and weekly charts. The token price has dropped by a slight 3% and 2% in the past month and week respectively. In contrast, Polygon’s market cap and its trading volume are massively pumping with the market cap climbing to $7 billion.

Furthermore, the Polygon network is witnessing huge growth with the network stablecoin volume increasing to $1.5 billion. With more projects joining Polygon to foster DeFi integration, the token has the potential to be among the top 10 altcoins and could rise as high as $1 in June.

Near Protocol Token Projected To Hit $8 in June

Even though Near Protocol price has been fluctuating for a while, the platform’s large ecosystem makes it an attractive option for developers. The token price gained 18% in the past month before reversing with a loss of 6% in the past week.

However, the Near Protocol coin has a burgeoning market outlook with a Fear and Greed Index of 76 (Extreme Greed). With strong projects such as $Hot building on the Near ecosystem, analysts believe the NEAR token may finally hit $8 this month.