Lufthansa, Leading Airline, Introduces NFT Loyalty Program on Polygon Network

Uptrip: A Product of Lufthansa Innovation Group

Uptrip, originating from the Lufthansa Innovation Group, is built upon Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network renowned for its efficiency. After undergoing a successful soft launch and comprehensive testing phase involving over 20,000 users, the program managed to accumulate a staggering total of more than 200,000 digital trading cards.

Polygon’s Emerging Significance

Lufthansa Group’s traditional Miles and More loyalty program already boasts an impressive 36 million members. This brand has now joined the ranks of those harnessing the potential of Polygon, a platform that facilitates swifter and more cost-effective transactions compared to Ethereum’s mainnet.

Other prominent names like Starbucks, Nike, McDonald’s, Reddit, and Coca-Cola are also embracing Polygon for their ventures. This Ethereum scaling network is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to provide an optimal environment for innovative projects.


Lufthansa’s introduction of the Uptrip NFT loyalty program marks a significant step forward in the airline industry’s approach to customer rewards. By utilizing Polygon’s capabilities, Lufthansa Group has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation, providing passengers with exciting incentives to enhance their flying experience.

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