Manta Pacific Makes a Strategic Move: Transitioning from Optimism to Polygon’s zkEVM Layer 2 Technology

Quick Take

Layer 2 blockchain Manta Pacific, part of the modular Manta Network, is transitioning from using a modified version of Optimism’s OP Stack by Caldera to become a zkEVM validium using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit.

Manta Pacific, a Layer 2 blockchain for zero-knowledge-enabled apps within the modular Manta Network, is transitioning from using a modified version of Optimism’s OP Stack by Caldera to Polygon’s Chain Development Kit. The Manta Pacific mainnet alpha launch was only announced last month, but the Layer 2 is already migrating to become a zkEVM validium.

“Polygon’s CDK sets standards in Layer 2 design and execution that, longterm, OP Stack cannot meet,” Manta Network developer p0x labs said in a statement.

Why Polygon CDK?

The decision to migrate to using the Polygon CDK is designed to enable faster finality, enhanced security and broader interoperability with Ethereum, according to p0x labs.

  • ZK proofs ensure transaction finality in mere seconds or minutes, rather than the days-long wait with other systems.
  • Manta Pacific’s ZK dapp ecosystem requires a modular and sovereign framework, aligning with Polygon CDK’s configurability and adaptability.
  • Manta Pacific is interoperable with other chains built with Polygon’s CDK through a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum, enabling atomic Layer 2-to-Layer 2 transactions and expanding liquidity options for dapps.

Simplifying ZK Development

Manta Pacific aims to simplify ZK dapp development by eliminating the need for developers to grapple with complex cryptography. With its Universal Circuits library, Ethereum Solidity developers can enable ZK features in their privacy-centric DeFi and web3 applications with just a few lines of code.

Manta Pacific already hosts zero knowledge-circuit-enabled applications, including the on-chain game zkHoldEm, verified credential protocol zkMe, and data verification protocol zkPass.

Future Plans

Manta Pacific’s transition to becoming a zkEVM validium is the first step toward its full mainnet. An integration with Celestia’s data availability layer to reduce transaction fees and detailed information on the mainnet launch specification are expected over the coming weeks.

Layer 2s Joining the Polygon CDK Queue

Layer 2s already being developed using the Polygon CDK include Immutable zkEVM, IDEX, Palm Network, and Astar zkEVM. Polygon Labs proposed upgrading its flagship Polygon PoS sidechain to become a zkEVM validium in June. Polygon Labs co-founder Sandeep Nailwal also proposed the development of “ApeChain” using its CDK for ApeCoin DAO in July.

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