Memelordz and Creo Engine Join Forces for Exclusive Partnership – Join the AMA Event!

NFT & Web3 Gaming AMA

Prepare for an immersive exploration into the world of NFT gaming and Web3 technology! Memelordz is proud to announce an upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in collaboration with Creo Engine. Join us as we delve into the exciting realms of game development, blockchain integration, and the future of Memelordz.

Creo Engine & MemeLordz AMA

Calling all crypto enthusiasts and gaming aficionados! Memelordz is excited to host a groundbreaking Ask Me Anything (AMA) session alongside Creo Engine, set to take place. Mark your timers for Monday, February 19th, 2024, as we embark on a journey through the realms of NFT gaming and Web3 innovation. 

This exclusive AMA event promises a deep dive into the minds of Memelordz’s visionary C-level executives and Creo Engine’s top-tier team members. Joining us from Memelordz are Co-owners Jonathan De Lucia, Jaimy de Vries, Nico Salakar, Co-founder Gavon Smit, and CRO Benjamin Schmidt. Representing Creo Engine are CTO Darrel Wijaya. Scheduled to kick off at 6 PM UTC | 12 PM UTC+7, this Twitter Space AMA offers participants

MemeLordz 2D RPG Blockchain Game

Memelordz pioneers the NFT and Web3 gaming landscape, offering players an immersive gaming experience inspired by the world of memes. With a diverse cast of characters, engaging gameplay, and seamless blockchain integration, Memelordz is poised to redefine play-to-earn gaming.

Creo Engine- Web3 Gaming Development Company

Creo Engine leads the way in blockchain gamification solutions and gaming development. With a focus on innovation and scalability, Creo Engine leverages cutting-edge technology to craft immersive gaming experiences and drive blockchain adoption across industries.

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