Neowiz, a South Korean publisher, unveils $10M accelerator for Polygon games

Neowiz Launches $10M Gaming Accelerator for Polygon-based Web3 Games

South Korean game publisher Neowiz, through its crypto subsidiary Intella X, has introduced a new $10 million gaming accelerator aimed at funding the next generation of Web3 games on Ethereum scaling network Polygon. The accelerator fund was created in partnership with Polygon Labs to bring Web3 games to the ecosystem. The Intella X ecosystem offers a crypto wallet, decentralized exchange, and NFT marketplace. Polygon Labs Vice President and Global Head of Business Development Urvit Goel said, “Intella X’s grant program will provide game developers much-needed opportunity and means for more great games to be built in the Polygon ecosystem. Our hope is these new games will bolster Web3 gaming adoption and further solidify Polygon’s position as the home of Web3 gaming.” Prospective grant recipients can expect to wait a few weeks to a month for a response. Those selected to move forward in the grant process will have to undergo an interview and a due diligence period. The firm has not specified a typical grant amount for the accelerator, and the amount given will vary depending on the project. Korean game publisher Neowiz has released a wide variety of games, from mobile titles to indies and PC games, including the DJMax series, Crossfire, Brave Nine, Sanabi, Lies of P, and Tapsonic. Intella X is already developing several Web3 games. It has two Web3 versions of popular mobile game Cats & Soup in development, as well as the RPG Brave Nine and the shooter A.V.A. It is also home to the Web3 spinoff of the mobile MMORPG EOS Red, which will be called EOS Gold. As other large publishers in the Asian market dive into crypto, Neowiz’s push into Web3 gaming via Intella X signals the company’s commitment to exploring the possibilities of Web3 gaming.


Neowiz’s $10 million gaming accelerator, in partnership with Polygon Labs, aims to fund the next generation of Web3 games on Polygon. Intella X is already developing several Web3 games and hopes that this program will encourage game developers to build more games on the Polygon ecosystem. This initiative by Neowiz is a testament to the growing interest in Web3 gaming by traditional game publishers in the Asian market.

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