Notable Analyst Unveils Crucial Price Levels and Forecasts for Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC)

Ali Martinez’s Insights on Ethereum (ETH)

Ali Martinez, a prominent analyst in the cryptocurrency world, recently shared valuable insights on Ethereum (ETH) in his latest post.

Evaluating the price movements of ETH, Martinez suggested that the altcoin is poised for further upward momentum. The analyst is optimistic about the path ahead for ETH, noting the absence of significant resistance hurdles in its upward trajectory.

According to Martinez, there is a clear potential for ETH to reach and surpass the $2,700 mark. As of the time of writing this article, Ethereum is trading at $2,329, reflecting an approximate 11% increase in the last month.

Additionally, Martinez identified a strong demand wall at the $2,000 level, which he believes could act as a robust support point in case of a decline.

Ali Martinez’s Analysis of Polygon (MATIC)

In his post, Martinez also shared his thoughts on Polygon (MATIC). The analyst anticipates a potential upward breakout for MATIC from a significant symmetrical triangle formation.

According to Martinez, he plans to wait for the model to form, with his initial target set at $1.25 and a subsequent target of $1.82.

As of the current writing, MATIC is trading at exactly $1.

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