ntroducing ‘Polygon Copilot’: Polygon Labs Unveils Their Innovative AI Chatbot

The Introduction of Polygon Copilot

The highly anticipated AI chatbot, ‘Polygon Copilot,’ has been officially launched by Polygon Labs. This advanced chatbot has undergone rigorous training on protocol documentation, enabling it to provide comprehensive explanations to users at various knowledge levels.

Exploring Polygon Copilot’s Features

Polygon Copilot offers users the convenience of choosing between “beginner” and “advanced” modes to access information on diverse topics. Additionally, it boasts a unique “degen” mode that delivers insights and analytics pertaining to NFTs, DeFi, and wallets, all presented with an entertaining twist of memes.

Minting NFTs with Polygon Copilot

Users can leverage the capabilities of Polygon Copilot to effortlessly mint zkEVM and proof-of-stake (POS)-based NFTs directly from the chat interface.

Putting Polygon Copilot to the Test

CryptoSlate conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Polygon Copilot’s performance. The chatbot impressively estimated a market cap close to MATIC’s actual value when queried. However, it was unable to provide the balance of a specific MATIC address, instead suggesting the use of a CLI app to access this information.

User Limits and Credit System

Polygon has implemented limitations on the number of user requests to prevent spam. However, additional credits can be acquired through referrals and partner offers. Polygon Copilot grants daily credit refreshes and even allows users to input their own OpenAI API for unlimited credits.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4

Polygon Copilot’s impressive capabilities are driven by OpenAI’s cutting-edge GPT-4 technology. Users also have the option to choose from other versions of GPT, as indicated in the app’s settings. The development of this innovative chatbot was carried out by the esteemed company, Layer-E.

AI Chatbots on Other Crypto Platforms

Polygon joins a growing list of crypto platforms that have introduced AI chatbots to enhance user experiences. Other notable AI crypto assistants include Avalanche’s AvaGPT, Binance’s Sensei chatbot, Solana’s ChatGPT plugin, Crypto.com’s Amy chatbot, and ByBit’s ToolsGPT.

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