Pioneering the Next Era of Blockchain: Introducing Type 1 zkEVM Upgrade by Polygon

Pioneering the Next Era of Blockchain: Introducing Type 1 zkEVM Upgrade by Polygon

Revolutionizing EVM Chains with zkEVM Type 1 Prover

In a groundbreaking development that is set to reshape the landscape of blockchain technology, Polygon Labs, in collaboration with Toposware, has introduced the Type 1 zkEVM prover. This innovative upgrade is a leap forward in making Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains more efficient, secure, and interconnected within the burgeoning Polygon ecosystem.

Community-Driven Innovation for Mainnet Ethereum

The creation of the Type 1 zkEVM prover marks a significant milestone in community-led innovation. By enabling the generation of ZK proofs for actual Ethereum mainnet blocks at a fraction of the cost previously deemed possible, this development democratizes access to blockchain technology.

  • The collaboration has successfully reduced the cost of proving entire Ethereum blocks, containing hundreds of transactions, to a mere $0.20-$0.50 per block.
  • Future optimizations are expected to further decrease costs by 30 to 50 times.

Open Source for a Scalable Future

Embracing the ethos of transparency and collaboration, the Type 1 zkEVM prover is released as an open-source tool under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses. This initiative ensures that the broader developer community can contribute to and benefit from this cutting-edge technology, fostering innovation and scalability within the Ethereum ecosystem.

A Glimpse into Type 1 and the AggLayer

The Type 1 zkEVM prover represents the highest level of compatibility with Ethereum, preserving the integrity of EVM’s execution logic without necessitating modifications or migrations.

In tandem with the AggLayer, the Type 1 upgrade facilitates a unified blockchain ecosystem, allowing EVM chains to connect directly to the rich liquidity and diverse functionalities of the Ethereum network.

Empowering the Polygon Ecosystem

The Type 1 zkEVM prover is not just a technological marvel; it’s a strategic asset that will power the Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit). The CDK offers a modular toolkit for developers to create ZK-powered Layer 2 solutions, providing a range of options from execution clients to data availability solutions, thereby catering to the diverse needs of protocol developers.

Anticipating a Brighter Future with ZK Technology

As the blockchain community eagerly anticipates further optimizations and the release of Plonky3, Polygon Labs continues to spearhead the advancement of ZK technology.

With the Type 1 zkEVM prover, Polygon Labs and Toposware are not just solving technical challenges; they are opening new horizons for blockchain connectivity, efficiency, and inclusivity. As more chains adopt this technology and connect to the AggLayer, the entire Ethereum ecosystem, including the Polygon PoS chain, stands to benefit from enhanced interoperability and access to a broader array of assets and users.

Polygon Labs’ leadership in ZK technology is paving the way for a future where blockchain’s full potential can be realized, fostering innovation, security, and scalability for years to come.

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