Polker ($PKR) Emerges Victorious on Polygon Network: A Game-Changing Rise with Epic Games and Android, Coinciding with the Approach of the 2024 Bitcoin Halving

Resilience Amid Challenges

Just like a Phoenix, Polker is rising from the ashes. The past eighteen months have been challenging across the blockchain industry, but Polker has displayed resilience during these dark times. Poly Network was hacked in July, and their bridge lost control of over 50 tokens – PKR included. Despite having no contact or support from the team at Poly Network, Polker has succeeded in a damage mitigation plan and is returning to business as usual – this time on Polygon!

Transition to Polygon Network

PKR was originally an ERC-20 token on Ethereum that was also bridged to BNB Smart Chain. Those who held PKR on a centralized exchange will receive the new token in the upcoming days. Since PKR is now on Polygon, and only Polygon, there is no risk of future bridge hack – and the cost of sending tokens is now less than $0.01!

Expansion and Game Launch

Polker has also continued developing the game and has launched today (Friday, September 29th) on the Epic Games Store . Not only is the game live on the Epic Game Store, but Polker is also about to be launching its lite Android version in Q4 2023. Mobile has been a much-awaited feature from Polker, and their Android version’s release is an impressive milestone for the project.

  • Polker’s move to mobile will bring blockchain adoption to over 230 million Epic Game Store users.
  • Polker plans to release more games, with 20% of the profit used to buy back PKR, ensuring a deflationary effect.
  • Polker and PKR are intertwined, with 20% of all Polker profit being used to buy back PKR from the market, making it deflationary and potentially moving it into the top 100 tokens.

Positive Outlook with 2024 Bitcoin Halving

With the Bitcoin halving coming up in April 2024, Polker has positioned the token to be a front-runner for the top 100. Crypto markets have historically responded positively to halving events, and with Polker’s strong fundamentals, it’s poised for success in the next market cycle.

Audited and Verified

Veridise has fully audited the token and claim contract and have been fully verified by all partners and exchanges.

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