Polygon CDK Stack Integration Now Available for AltLayer Rollups

AltLayer Rollups Accelerate Scaling for Web3

AltLayer, the leading rollups infrastructure provider that accelerates scaling for Web3, has now become an implementation provider for Polygon CDK. This implementation will speed up access to Polygon CDK for AltLayer’s rollup users who are looking to deploy Layer 2s (L2s) on Ethereum.

Polygon CDK Overview

Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit) is a collection of open-source, modular software components that facilitate either:

  • Launch of ZK-powered L2 chains on Ethereum
  • Smooth transitioning of existing Layer 1 (L1) chains into L2s

Chains created with Polygon CDK offer a range of features including:

  • Unified blockspace for faster and cheaper zk proofs
  • Sovereignty and customizability in transaction costs
  • Data storage
  • Future interoperability
  • Access to Ethereum liquidity

Osman Sarman from the Polygon Labs Enablement Team stated, “Polygon CDK is designed to simplify the launch of ZK-powered L2 chains on Ethereum.”

AltLayer as an Implementation Provider

As an implementation provider, AltLayer will provide end-to-end support and tooling for those who wish to deploy a rollup using Polygon CDK. Once the integration is complete, developers can choose between validium or rollup mode, or select alternative DA providers such as EigenDA, Celestia, and Avail.

Dr. Jia Yaoqi, CEO of AltLayer, said: “Linking together infrastructure that pushes modularity forward requires strategic collaborations.”

In the coming months, each chain spun up via Polygon CDK can be highly interoperable with other Polygon CDK chains, allowing a seamless flow of assets and messages across Polygon CDK rollups.

About AltLayer

Founded in 2021, AltLayer builds the infrastructure that enables developers to launch highly modular application-tailored rollups. The AltLayer protocol consists of a core network – the ‘Beacon Layer’ – which serves as a common sequencing, execution, and verification network for all rollups.

About Polygon CDK

The Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) is an advanced open-source framework designed for the rapid deployment of ZK-powered Layer 2 (L2) blockchains on Ethereum.

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